7 ways to remain calm during a hurricane or tropical storm

JoAnn Ryan

Waiting out a hurricane is no joke. The anticipation alone is bad enough, especially if you are new to Florida, but when the storm moves in keeping the nervous system in check and or getting effective rest can be difficult.

Here are 7 tips and points to help with the anxiety, and of course do keep safe everyone!

1. Prepare

Do all you can to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Have several days to a week's supply of water and food that will not require refrigeration. Assure you have plenty of medication, fill up the car with gas and keep batteries and a battery-operated radio handy.

Consider putting together a hurricane kit and decide on an evacuation plan in case the worst becomes reality. Here are several guides to consult for further tips and suggestions on preparing for a hurricane:

2. Charge up

Keep the batteries in your phone, laptop computers and other such devices fully charged so that if the power goes out at least it will have enough juice to last a while. If the power does go out, try to keep the screen light off as much as possible, as this burns up the battery the most.

3. Music

Music has many healing properties. Put together a playlist of calming music and/or favorite feel-good songs on YouTube, iTunes or whatever music player you use. Create stations of similar music on Pandora.

If you play music, tune up the guitar, dust off the piano, etc. Playing music is incredibly calming as well. I play the piano a little myself, so I can attest to this.

4. Reading

Reading an engrossing book can certainly take the mind off things. Choose a few titles to ride out the hurricane. Printed books are great... no electricity required.

I love Audible too, though. I'm not affiliated in anyway, just a happy user. Download books well in advance in case the internet goes out.

Once a title is downloaded there's no need for an internet connection. You can also shut the device's screen light off and it will still play, which will save the battery from draining too much.

5. Calming mechanisms

There are many calming mechanisms that can be employed when feeling stressed or anxious.

Mindfulness/meditation exercise. It works for some, but not for others. I get that. I personally love the practice of mindfulness though, and it works incredibly well when I'm feeling stressed out.

6. Keep the mind occupied

As long as the storm isn't getting too crazy of course, and there's no need to evacuate, there are plenty of things that can serve to occupy the mind: crafting, painting, playing cards or board games with the fam, etc.

My favorite mind-occupying endeavor is writing of course, and while I usually write on my laptop, I have pen and paper as a backup.

Exercise, dance, laugh... keep the body happy and the mind calm, and vice versa.

7. Stay connected

Stay connected with friends and family as much as possible and let them know you are safe.

Stay safe Florida!

What do you do to stay calm and ride out the storm?

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