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Chickens at the Oviedo Library

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Several years ago, I attended a writing workshop at the local library in the quaint little town of Oviedo, Florida. Well, it used to be little and quaint. Oviedo is becoming a big town now, isn't it?

Anyway, after attending the workshop I exited the library and as I was walking to my car noticed some chickens wandering around the grounds there. The grounds are lovely by the way, leafy, grassy and laden with towering trees of various kinds.

Of course, I immediately thought, “someone’s chickens got out.” I think that was a safe assumption to make on my part.

I wondered if I should alert somebody but waited a bit. Something about these chickens was a little off. They seemed way too comfortable, like maybe they lived there or something. Plus, several people came and went from the library and didn't pay even the slightest amount of attention to them, as if they were a common fixture.

A few weeks later, I attended another installment of the same writing thing and I saw those same chickens again, just wandering around like they owned the place.

Strange but kinda cool.

By the way, check out this heart-warming Kindness Rock Garden at the Oviedo Library:

Kindness Rock Garden, Oviedo Library - Oviedo, FLJoAnn Ryan

Fast track to current times, I was back in Oviedo once again for a mini-break, as the Brits call it, and I thought about that library with the chickens I’d visited several years earlier. I decided to stop back by and guess what? I saw… chickens!

Same chickens or different ones I can't say but they were chickens nonetheless! (By the way, want to know the lifespan of a chicken? I just know you do. Check out: How Long Do Chickens Live?-Know Your Chickens.)

I marveled that there was no fence whatsoever around the library. It’s completely open space. Yet these chickens seem to know where home is, and no one seems to bother them. By this point, it just seemed perfectly normal for them to be there.

Actual photo of an Oviedo Library chicken:

Happy chicken at the Oviedo LibraryJoAnn Ryan

By the way, taking photos of chickens isn’t as easy as it looks. They are constantly on the move while plucking the earth in such a greedy manner. In their defense, it had been rainy around that time so I’m sure the ground was nice and soft… easy pickings for tasty snacks.

Upon reading up on the town of Oviedo, it seems the Oviedo chickens are infamous and wander around the downtown area as they please. How lovely is that?

Oviedo-Visit Florida

City of Oviedo

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