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Enjoying Orlando: Fun with the swans at Lake Eola

JoAnn Ryan

Once the newness of moving to Orlando, FL wears off, a person nearly forgets about the existence of theme parks and tourism. It becomes a place to earn a living, pay bills and try to have a fulfilling life in between.

Places like Lake Eola in downtown Orlando become as near and dear as any theme park. The park grounds offer a welcome oasis amongst the high rises, busy streets and city parking structures. It’s a popular place to hang out, take a leisurely walk, relax on a park bench and enjoy the scenery.

Black swan at Lake EolaJoAnn Ryan

Notorious are the swans that reside there — they swim and stroll around with the utmost confidence that no one will mess with them.

And there’s good reason for this. No one messes with them. They just hang out and do their thing while the humans do their thing. It’s a place of harmony in an otherwise crazy world.

Funny swan at Lake EolaJoAnn Ryan

Having a bad day? Hanging out at Lake Eola for a while is a great cure.

Trust me, I've had plenty of bad days in Orlando. It's not always peaches and cream. One of my favorite places to experience rejuvenation, and get myself in a better mood, is to head for some rest and relaxation at Lake Eola

Interesting facts and points of interest

  • Lake Eola had its humble beginnings as a sinkhole.
  • Formation of the lake began in 1973 by Jacob Summerlin and was originally called Sandy Beach.
  • A section of the lake was donated to the public in 1883.
  • The lovely swans were first introduced in 1922. So happy about that!
  • The swans are routinely monitored for health and have their own health records on file.
  • Besides the lake, other notable features of the park are Eola House, Ting (Chinese pagoda), The Battle of the Bulge Monument, Walt Disney Amphitheater, a Japanese Rock Garden, various sculptures and characteristic fountains.
  • Many events are held in the park, including a weekly farmer's market. See the Facebook page for the park for more announcements of happenings.
Happy swan at Lake EolaJoAnn Ryan

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