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Detroit named one of rudest cities in United States

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Detroit, Michigan, has been named one of the rudest cities in the United States.

Detroit ranked #6 in rudest cities. The only cities ranked ruder than Detroit were Philadelphia, Memphis, New York City, Las Vegas, and Boston.

The survey was released by the website Preply.

“The rudest U.S. cities include Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Memphis, Tennessee, and New York City, New York, according to their own residents,” the website says.
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“The most common rude behaviors in the US include people being absorbed by their phones, refusing to let people merge in traffic, and being noisy in shared spaces," according to Preply.

“We asked respondents to rate the rudeness of the average resident of their city on a scale of one to ten,” Preply wrote, noting that the “average rudeness score” was 5.10. Detroit’s rudeness score was 5.7, over the average.

The website claims that large cities have worse rudeness scores. “When we consider a behavior rude, it’s likely because it’s either confrontational or inconsiderate toward others. However, in major metropolitan cities, where we interact with many more people on a daily basis, what appears to be confrontation or insensitivity may be a form of self-preservation,” the site wrote.

The site also measured the most polite cities in the United States, and Austin, Texas, came out on tops in that list.

“More polite cities seem to be concentrated in the southern, Midwestern, and western parts of the United States, with a noticeable lack of Northeastern cities,” Preply explained.

You can see the entire survey here. It surveyed 1,500 residents in the 30 largest metropolitan areas in the United States.

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