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Memphis residents are rudest to service staff, study says

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Residents of Memphis, Tennessee, were rated the most likely to be rude to service staff, in a recent study that measured the rudeness of cities throughout the United States.

The study listed these rude behaviors, along with the city where people are most likely to show the traits. Memphis fared worst in the U.S. for not letting people merge in traffic, not respecting personal space, being noisy in public, and being rude to service staff, according to the study, which was posted on the Preply website.
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Overall, Memphis was ranked the second most rude city in the United States, according to the study. "

According to their own residents, the three rudest U.S. cities are Philadelphia, Memphis, and New York City. We asked respondents to rate the rudeness of the average resident of their city on a scale of one to ten. Compared to the average rudeness score of 5.10, these cities scored 6.43, 6.05, and 6.00, respectively," it says.

In contrast, Austin, Texas, was named the most polite city in the United States.

The study gave the #1 rankings for each of the following "rude" traits:

"Being absorbed by phone in public:" New York City, NY

"Not letting people merge in traffic:" Memphis, TN

"Not slowing down around pedestrians:" Boston, MA

"Being noisy in public:" Memphis, TN

"Not acknowledging strangers:" Boston, MA

"Watching videos in public:" Memphis, TN

"Talking on speaker in public:" Philadelphia, PA

"Closed off body language:" New York City, NY

"Not respecting personal space:" Memphis, TN

"Being rude to service staff: Memphis, TN

Do you agree or disagree? Are people in Memphis rude?

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