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Car with 3 people, 2 dogs swept into Arizona creek

JM McBride

Verde Valley first responders rescued three people and two dogs from the swollen Oak Creek in Cornville, Arizona, in the same area where a jeep was recently swept into the water.

“Verde Valley Crews with help from @sedonafire and @ccfmd rescued 3 adults, 1 child and 2 dogs from Oak Creek in Cornville this evening. Please remember the waters are still high and dangerous. We will have a full press release in the morning,” the Verde Valley Fire District wrote on Facebook on March 17, 2023.

According to Sedona Biz, the rescue unfolded at Mormon Crossing after authorities were told that four people were sitting on top of a vehicle that was in the water.
A creek.Photo byRadek JedynakonUnsplash

The site warned, "We have seen a tremendous amount of water in our rivers this week. Due to the snow melt the water are still very high and dangerous. Please use caution around the water and remind everyone not to cross flood water for your safety as well as the safety of the emergency responders."

According to the Verde Independent, Mormon Crossing is the same location where a Jeep "also was swept away with a motorist last week. He also escaped uninjured." According to My Radio Place, in the jeep incident, "The flowing river water was several feet deep over the crossing. The lights and wipers on the Jeep were still working." That driver walked away from the vehicle unscathed, and it was reported as an abandoned vehicle, My Radio Place reported.
See photos from the latest incident here:

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