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Oconomowoc High School says police were called to school

JM McBride

Police were called to the Oconomowoc High School main campus on March 17, 2023, for a "situation" that occurred "in a public location."

According to a statement sent to Oconomowoc High School families on March 17, 2023, there was a “police presence at OHS main campus today during lunch time that was witnessed by students.”

The Oconomowoc Police Department “responded to OHS to address a private student situation, which was not related to a school safety threat,” the email from Oconomowoc High School Principal Jason Curtis says. “This situation occurred in a public location making it difficult to isolate those involved.”

The email continues, “After lunch, I connected with our students through our video announcements to talk about the situation and thank them for listening to staff instructions and respecting the privacy of everyone involved. I’d also like to thank the staff members who helped ensure student safety while the police department responded.”

According to the email, “In my comments, I asked students to continue to be respectful of the students and adults involved and their privacy. If your child would like to talk with someone about the situation, please encourage them to contact their counselor, associate principal or me. Any additional information about the students and adults involved is confidential and won’t be shared.”

The email thanked parents ‘for your continued support.”

Parents who received the email say their children told them that students witnessed a situation between a school resource officer and a female student, in part, and that there may have been more than one incident throughout the day. We have contacted the Oconomowoc Police Chief for more information and to confirm those details. Police have not released any details on the incident thus far.

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