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3 Downtown Cuyahoga Falls Businesses Worth Checking Out

Jim Woods
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Want something fun to do this weekend? Of course you do! There are a lot of great businesses right in Cuyahoga Falls that are located downtown. Here are several fantastic businesses you absolutely want to visit as soon as possible.

Stop #1: Shelf Life
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Shelf Life is by far my new favorite store in downtown Cuyahoga Falls. It is quite honestly a book lover's paradise. The space is charming and very inviting. I have a more detailed review of the store here. I find myself going there quite often. Shelf Life features used books for as low as a dollar apiece. You can even trade in your gently used books for store credit too.

There are also signed books available from local writers such as Michael Haase, the author of the children's book School of Fish. The inventory is always changing, so you never know what literary treasure you might find there. For example, today (June 26th) Shelf Life is having a special sale on all romance books and they are only 50 cents. What a deal. For more info about this great store, visit their Facebook page here.

Stop #2: Asterisk Coffee
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Okay, so you've picked up a book (or ten) at Shelf Life. Great. What's next? You want something to drink. Thankfully, Asterisk Coffee is located right next to Shelf Life and features some of the best coffee in the area. Asterisk is actually owned by Akron Coffee Roasters in downtown Akron. You can have a delightful cup of coffee however you'd like it. Specialty drinks like the coco cortado are available too. If you're not familiar with it, the cortado is an espresso-based drink, cut with a small amount of steamed milk. Hot chocolate, hot tea, iced tea, and cascara kombucha are available as well. You can learn more about Asterisk Coffee here.

Stop #3: Pav's Creamery
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Okay, you have your books and your drink. What's next? Well, it is supposed to be quite warm this weekend, so how about a cool treat? Pav's Creamery is the next stop. If you haven't been in a while, this store is great with it's old-time soda shop feel. You can enjoy your treats there or take them to go. Either way you can't go wrong. I went there yesterday and sat right at the bar with my kids on the old-fashioned stools. They loved it. We had the traditional ice cream cones with sprinkles. I even picked up a couple pints to take home. And here's the thing: this is the best deal by far. The pints are often buy one get one free. I was able to pick up a pint of chocolate peanut butter custard and banana chocolate chip custard for only 2.50. You can't beat that. You could even take your pints to go and enjoy them outside on one of the many benches you'll find downtown.

Is there anything else you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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