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Need A Pick Me Up? Try These 3 Incredible Coffeeshops in Akron

Jake Wells

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Ever wonder who has the best cup of coffee in Akron? There are actually more coffee options in Akron than you might realize. Here are three fantastic choices for premium coffee that can compete with any coffee shop in the country.

Akron Coffee Roasters

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Akron Coffee Roasters is a small location in downtown Akron that truly focuses on one thing: coffee. Grab an espresso, macchiato, flat white, drip or pour over coffee. There are a few options that are actually not coffee such as hot chocolate, kombucha, and ice tea, but if you really want the best experience stick with the coffee. There is also another new location for Akron Coffee Roasters in downtown Cuyahoga Falls that goes by the name Compass. It features the same great coffee that you'll find in the Akron location. Here's the website for Akron Coffee Roasters.

Low key small place where coffee is king. Not a ton of room but bring a friend and enjoy a cup. The location is on a one way street and you can usually park right on the road in parallel parking. No food. It's all about the cup of coffee. bjmoo10 (source)

Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee is a really unique coffee shop. It is actually a program of The Well Community Development Corporation. This is Akron’s first place-based community development corporation devoted to the Middlebury neighborhood. So not only do you get a great cup of coffee, you also support the local community. You can get a great pour over, capuccino, Americano or more at Compass Coffee. A variety of pastries are available as well such as bagels, croissants, muffins and scones.

First time here and loved it! Barista was very knowledgeable and friendly. Had my first pour over and loved it! Very nice atmosphere too. Throw in community minded and you have the perfect coffee shop!! Amytr966XL (source)

Artisan Coffee

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Artisan Coffee is located in Ellet which is found at the far eastern edge of Akron. Founder Tim Bechtel says he believes that coffee is an art. He says that Artisan strives to take everything back to the basics by starting with green un-roasted beans and crafting our own syrups. Everything is made fresh and from scratch.

The coffee is fantastic of course, but you can find other surprises on Artisan's menu such as the California Roll sushi bowl, cobb salad, pesto grilled cheese, turkey club sandwich and jalapeno popper soup. Artisan is a great choice for lunch as well as a cup of coffee. And there are also some fantastic pastries available. The cinnamon rolls come from a local family in the Akron area and are absolutely incredible. Just keep in mind that everyone knows how good the food and coffee are at Artisan; give yourself enough time to enjoy the experience. The website for Artisan Coffee is found here.

On the corner of Albrecht Avenue and Canton Road, rich tasting coffee, an inviting setting including a fireplace with a variety of seating, and pleasant music describe Artisan Coffee. I recommend this shop. Our mid-afternoon stop began with their smiling staff, and was made better with a mini peanut butter cookie (not as good as Mom’s of course). The shop hosted a mixture of college students working on their laptops and pairings of other couples and friends. Corys681 (source)

Have you visited any of these coffee havens in Rubber City? If not, take some time to support your local community and get a great cup of coffee. Each location is worth the short drive and you'll enjoy every drop. Did I forget one of your favorites? Just let me know in the comments! Thanks.

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