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The Best Places To Get A Burger In Nashville

Jim Woods
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There is no doubt that Nashville has some of the best burgers around. No matter what kind of burger you crave, there is likely one somewhere around town. Whether you want a cheap burger, a gourmet burger, or something in-between, I've included all of these options here.

burgerGabby's Burgers and Fries

Gabbys is known for their burgers, and if I didn't include them on this list, I know a lot of Nashvillians might be very, very upset with me. Picture the perfect small hole in the wall burger joint. And make it a lot cleaner and even tastier. That's Gabby's. There are five burgers on the menu including the Gabby burger which includes two patties and american cheese. Don't forget that anytime you order a burger, you get a free side too.

From the owner of Gabbys per their website: Our goal is great food and great service at a reasonable price. I need happy customers who will come back again and again (maybe with a friend). If you do not receive great food, great service and you do not feel after paying like you got a great deal, my dream will fail. Please, let me know what I can do to keep living my dream.

The service was quick, easy and friendly. The food was very tasty. Hamburger was juicy. Fries are cut in front of us. Plenty of different sauces. The owner made jokes with the workers in the kitchen. Very friendly and cozy experience!!!! Tran Nguyen

My take: The burgers and fries are fantastic. The only downside to Gabby's is the convenience. This is not a large location, so you really want to make this something that you plan ahead for. The chili is worth the extra dollar to put it on your burger too. Gabby's is the one burger you won't ever forget.

Fat Mo's
fat mosPhoto by Diane B.

Fat Mo's has thirteen locations in the Nashville area. This restaurant was founded by Mo and Shiva Karimy in 1991. With hard work Fat Mo's has been recognized not only in Nashville and Tennesse, but also nation wide (best of on Food TV network) . Voted #1 Cheeseburger several times in different media outlets

Per their website: We use 100% pure ground beef (never frozen) and cook them fresh to order. There is no microwave or heat lamp. Two types of French Fries (spicy and plain), beer battered onion rings, and different types of delicious appetizers (fried mushrooms, stuffed jalapenos & cheese sticks) are cooked to order in 100% pure vegetable oil.

"Friendly. Great good. My favorite burger in town. Great kids nuggets. Sweet tea usually bomb. Fried pickles and mushrooms good. Ask for the ranch sauce with them. It's fresh so it's slower but worth the wait." Ali B.

My take: These burgers are really good. Not the best in town, but there is a convenience factor at play. With 13 locations, you simply have more Fat Mo's around than most other burger joints. It's not the absolute best burger in town, but it's definitely near the top. Come for the burgers, keep going back for the fries.

Burger Up
burgerPhoto by Burger Up

Currently, Burger Up has one location found at 2901 12th Avenue South. Burger Up was founded in 2010 with the concept of thoughtful consuming – meaning we take great care to source our menu from local farms practicing sustainability and humane treatment of animals. We are proud that our beef is sourced from our friends at Porter Road Butcher (per their website).

"The burger is taller than it is wide. So every bite is a mouthful. The two beef patties are lightly seasoned. But thanks to the high quality of beef, they don't need a lot." John S.

My Take: Burger Up is a fancier burger than you'll find at the other restaurants on this list. You'll pay a little more for it because you'll enjoy it in a nicer environment. It's definitely worth trying out, at least once. Be warned: you'll likely be coming back for more.

Is there something else you would like to add to this list? Did miss one of your favorites? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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