Go Ahead And Face Your Fears

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It can be scary to start new things. The voices in your head say things like “Who are you to do this?” or “Why do you think you can accomplish this goal? You’re a failure.”

“Regardless of what you want to do, fear will always see you as wholly unqualified for anything you ever dream or attempt.” Jon Acuff

Fear is made up of 99.99% lies. A lie with a hint of truth is still a lie. You can accomplish your goal, and it is completely up to you and no one else. Maybe you're afraid you'll fail. Maybe you're afraid you'll succeed. No matter where you are, one of those two possibilities is inevitable. In some cases, not trying is the easy way out and that is what we choose.

But here's the thing about failure: it's inevitable. No matter what you do, if you put yourself out there, some times what you do will not resonate with others. You may not hit your goal weight despite eating healthier and working out. Your novel might not be ready to be published. The question now is What will you do about it? Do you give up? No way!

Failure is often also a state of mind—you feel as if you yourself are a failure. But you are not! Experiencing various failures in your lifetime does not mean you are a failure as a human being. If you have a positive attitude, it will minimize the sting. Sure it hurts, but to be successful, you must not quit when you fail.

Don’t have a conversation with your fears; talking with them will only make them grow as they attempt to rationalize with you. Instead, make a bold statement and get to work. Say: “Hi, fear! I’m going to keep hustling and pursuing my goal. If you want to stick around, that’s fine—but I’m completely ignoring you.” Fear hates hard work but loves procrastination. This truth manifests itself in thoughts like Not today; I’ll do it tomorrow.

Action Step: What fears are standing in your way? Write them down right now. Fear has more power when you keep it inside. When you write down your fear, the lies fall apart. Then debunk the fear to expose the lie. Now that you have confirmed that each idea is a lie, it’s time to get to work.


“You’re too old to pursue your goal.”

Such a lie. If you are still breathing, you are not too old to pursue a goal.

“You’re too young to do that.”

Just another lie. One minute, fear says you are too old to do something, and another minute, fear says you are too young. Fear is the ultimate liar.

“You are a fraud.”

We all struggle and fall short at times. Falling short doesn’t mean you are a fraud; it means you are human. No one is perfect. The message that you are a fraud is just a lie to get you to stop from attempting a goal in the first place. When this kind of fear pops up, its occurrence often is a red flag you are doing something worthwhile.

“You will fail.”

This approach is such an absolute. Fear does not know what the future holds for you. This kind of thinking is really a worst case scenario. And remember that fear will often lie to you. If you view your goal as an experiment, you will learn and grow by default. How then is it “failure”? Anytime you start to get worried or stressed from fear, you can always tell yourself, "This is just an experiment." And that's that truth. We are all experimenting, we are all a work in progress.

What's a fear that you need to face?

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