How To Become A Writer For Beginners

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Do you dream of becoming a writer? Maybe you want the freedom that writing can bring. Working from anywhere, being your own boss, finding a niche and really doing the work that you enjoy.

Maybe you’ve even imagined your name on the cover of a bestselling book?

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, chances are you want to be a writer. That’s great. 

“But how do I begin? I have no ideas.” 

I hear you. But that’s simply not true. You have PLENTY of ideas, or writing wouldn’t interest you. 

First, Visit Your Bookshelves.

Start out with the books you love. When you start out with your favorite books, you’ll begin from a fantastic headspace versus a clean slate. Spend some time and figure out what it is you love about those books. I recommend you narrow it down and pick no more than five favorites. 

Next, look closely at the writing style to see how how the authors convey their thoughts and emotions. 

What makes you want to turn the page? What pulls you in and captivates you? Take notes on that and just soak in the work you love.

Story Structure Made Really Simple

We all know how to tell a story. 

And we also know the difference between a story and a bunch of pretty pictures on a screen. 

Those are the only two possibilities. Harsh, I know. But totally true. 

For example, my Grandma made really amazing mac n’ cheese. It was homemade, and it took some time to prepare. It was always worth the wait. 

But if you give me generic mac n cheese from a box, you know the kind with the powder — and tell me it’s just the same as my Grandma’s, I’ll know it’s not the real deal. It’s got a few of the same elements — cheese, noodles — but that’s where the similarities stop. 

In the same way, you can’t compare spectacle with story. They are very different.

So how do you get started? All you need are three words to get started. These words are beginning, middle, and end. Everything you create will fit somewhere in those three parts. 

If you want, you can also break it down to act 1, act 2 and act 3. Don’t worry about anything else. And start wherever is the easiest. Then fill in the gaps.

Next, Stop Procrastinating

Just start writing. Right now. You don’t need to do research, watch videos on YouTube, read a book on writing, take a class or anything else. Just start. NOW.

Don’t be afraid of fan-fiction.

I've heard the expression before that all fiction is fan-fiction. And there is likely some truth to that. Fan-fiction is when fans add too their favorite works. Maybe you would like to change the ending — or even the beginning to a piece. Go for it! Play. Have fun. Get to work! Don’t let the inner critic in the room and go for it.

The Takeaway 

These are my hand-picked top 10 tips to help you blossom into a top-notch writer. So explore each deeper, read them, apply them, and go get writing.

Want to take things even further? That's great. Well, here are few more bonus tips if you will to really dig deeper. Don't overlook any of these as they are all super important.

  • Start reading and mimic the voice
  • Write catchy titles
  • Write for yourself
  • Research and understand your audience
  • Study ways to become a great storyteller
  • Make your readers feel something
  • Explore the Internet
  • Be consistent
  • Believe in yourself
  • Write to throw the paper away

Do you have anything that you recommend?

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