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Let’s be honest with each other out of the gate: you’re overwhelmed, right? You’re doing too much, too fast. You’re not spending enough time actually enjoying life — you’re spending a lot of time going through the motions. Eventually, the I-can-do-it-all attitude catches up with you and then you find yourself exhausted.

It’s no wonder as the daily barrage of e-mails, texts, tweets, messages and meetings constantly distract you and stress you out. Your job is more than enough to keep you busy, but you have many other important commitments in your life: family, friends and your community.

If you are not overwhelmed right now, at some point you will be. And when you are overwhelmed is one of the most difficult times to think clearly. What if there was a way to boost your focus ad to give you more clarity? What if there is a way to make better decisions, which would also lead to a better life? There is. Keep reading.

Please know you are not remotely alone if you know you are overwhelmed right now. Everyone feels this way at some point. The extreme noise around you all of the time depletes your mental energy. It’s easy to see why some users want to leave the confusion behind and unplug from all technology and want to live in a nice cabin in the woods. So what can you do if you don’t want to unplug altogether?

The first step is to boost your focus. When this happens, you will have more clarity, more energy and better time management. Follow the concepts presented and you will create better more meaningful work and also dramatically improve your life.

But what is focus? It is a funny word and no one ever really clearly defines it.

Quite simply, focus is when you keep your eyes on a target or goal. You can think of a goal as a target. Once the goal is set, you know what you are aiming toward. Focus is keeping your sights on the target, despite distraction.

The Problem with Focus

The separation between your levels of mental energy level, time and focus is often very blurry. While you perform many different roles and tasks, you are still one person. Everything is interconnected, so your time and energy levels make up your level of focus. You also have several goals, which means having different targets that you are aiming toward. It is really easy to see how this can get confusing.

When you have low energy, this negatively affects your level of focus and you are not as effective with your time. In many cases, the first step is to take can be as simple as getting more sleep, eating better or exercising more. Being intentional to not waste your energy — focusing on the wrong goals is not an overnight process.

Do you know what really matters most to you? It is easy to be reactionary to problems instead of setting a few intentional goals. Your goals — or lack of goals — drive everything you do. Without setting the right goals, you cannot achieve a higher level of focus.

As you take good care of your body, your ability to focus will improve dramatically. The concepts that will be discussed are simple but the application will take time. Boosting your energy means eating healthier — which means having a salad when you would much rather have a bacon cheeseburger and a milkshake. Making the most of your time requires intentional boundaries.

Defining Focus

Focus is the center of interest or activity.

Focus is the bulls eye you aim toward.

Focus is what happens when you direct your attention toward a specific purpose.

We all know how to focus, but we often choose not to. Focus requires commitment. Focus requires effort; it’s not quick or easy. When you decide to focus on the task at hand, you must be intentional and proactive.

The Takeaway

The one thing you can do right now is remove the obvious distractions in your life. If it doesn’t help you move forward and find focus, it’s a distraction. I’m not saying to remove it from your life forever. I’m saying to remove it from your life right now. Maybe it’s social media. Maybe it’s YouTube. Maybe you’re doing too much research as opposed to doing the actual work. Maybe you’re listening to a bunch of people as opposed to listening to yourself. You know the answer. Be honest with yourself and you will find focus. 

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