Why We Are All So Tired All The Time

Jim Woods

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Let’s be honest with each other out of the gate: you’re overwhelmed, right? You’re doing too much, too fast. You’re not spending enough time actually enjoying life — you’re spending a lot of time going through the motions. Eventually, the I-can-do-it-all attitude catches up with you and then you find yourself exhausted.

It’s no wonder as the daily barrage of e-mails, texts, tweets, messages and meetings constantly distract you and stress you out. Your job is more than enough to keep you busy, but you have many other important commitments in your life: family, friends and your community.

If you are not overwhelmed right now, at some point you will be. And when you are overwhelmed is one of the most difficult times to think clearly. What if there was a way to boost your focus ad to give you more clarity? What if there is a way to make better decisions, which would also lead to a better life? There is. Keep reading.

Please know you are not remotely alone if you know you are overwhelmed right now. Everyone feels this way at some point. The extreme noise around you all of the time depletes your mental energy. It’s easy to see why some users want to leave the confusion behind and unplug from all technology and want to live in a nice cabin in the woods. So what can you do if you don’t want to unplug altogether?

The Stanford University’s sleep Center has produced really interesting research showing that for about 99.5% of the population. This organization says we need to have at least seven hours of sleep on a ongoing basis in order to function properly. In fact, they recommend between seven and nine hours of quality sleep. So a key part of sleep is just making a commitment to get that amount of sleep.

We have to start we have to start asking ourselves how we can optimize the quality of our sleep or ability to go to sleep. Studies show that screens activate parts of our brains and make it harder to enter into REM sleep or just shut down our thoughts. Food and alcohol consumption affect our sleep. So it is important to not eat or drink anything but water before bed. Stretching, for example, or having a nightly routine is really important.

Your body builds circadian rhythms. For example, if one day, you’re waking up at 7am, another day, we’re waking up at 5am and then another day at 10am. Your body just doesn’t know quite what to do with it. We’ve all had the experience of going to another time zone where it’s hard to fall asleep or wake up at certain times. Keep in mind that circadian rhythms are really a thing.

When Do You Have The Most Energy?

There are certainly people that tend to be morning people. There are people that are night owls. And then there are people that have the most energy in the middle of the day. We must know what kind of person we are, so that we can do our most vigilant activities or most thought intensive activities during our most productive time period.

The Takeaway

So what can you do right now about all of this? The first thing is to simply be curious. To start listening to your gut. When you ignore your gut, you ignore what your body is telling you. That never ends well. That’s how you got to where you are right now. Listen to how your body responds to the food you eat, the people you spend time around, and what time spent screen watching does to your body. Don’t ignore this. Maybe it’s time to scale back on sugar. Maybe it’s time to start spending time with some encouraging friends or just unplugging from Facebook. Whatever the next step is for you, you already know it. Listen to that quiet voice. It will guide you back to yourself.

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