Need Some Motivation? Here's How To Get It

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Are you struggling with motivation? If so, you’re not alone! And then you see all of those “online gurus” who tell you to get up at 5 in the morning. Drink this concoction. Take this supplement. Download this app. Do this workout.

But there’s the thing no one tells you: motivation is not just for those folks who do those specific things. Motivation is that something we all can tap into, quite easily when we use the right approach.

First, let’s define clearly what motivation really is. Motivation guides your behaviors. It’s the energy for action.

When you’re highly motivated, you have a strong desire and the energy to take an action. But when you’re not motivated, you just lack the energy to perform a task.

You might not want to do the dishes, or the laundry. Or maybe it is something like getting an oil change. You just keep putting it off. And then you keep putting it off. No judgment from me here: we ALL struggle with these challenges in one area of life or another.

The Absolute Game Changer

Anytime you talk about motivation, the real key is momentum. You need some easy wins. Specifically, you need some easy wins.

So the best way to get motivation is to focus on one area to get some momentum. With the example above of doing the dishes, you could get some paper plates just to help you catch up. That’s an easy way to get some momentum through an easy win.

And once you get momentum, motivation increases. The truth is, momentum and motivation are very closely connected. That’s why it is so hard to start things for the very first time. Your brain is looking for some form of momentum. When it doesn’t find it, your brain will often start overthinking and playing out a million what if scenarios.

Don’t Fall for This Trap

It’s easy to say things like, “Oh, I just I need inspiration.” Or maybe you say, “Oh, I just need I need the Muse.” And that is a lie. You don’t need the Muse. Inspiration comes and goes like the wind. You can’t control it. Let’s focus on something you CAN control.

What you need is momentum.

And there’s no better way to give yourself momentum than by getting some easy wins. Easy wins are the key. You don’t need a doctor, you don’t need some scientists to tell you all the details about cognitive effort. What you need are some easy wins, you might want to play some music while doing the dishes (or some other task you put off).

I know it’s silly, but music can totally change your mood can distract you in a good way can motivate you to finish that task. Personally, I like to listen to podcasts when I’m doing a task that is redundant or just not very exciting. For example, I sometimes will have the TV on in the background while I’m doing my taxes.

Check out this super simple formula.

A boring or not exciting task + something you enjoy = a task that you finish

Walking on a treadmill + watching a movie = doing your work out

Dusting + listening to music = a less dusty house

Try it yourself. We all put off certain tasks. Be honest with yourself. Find those little ways to win, set yourself up for success. And you’ll have more motivation, because you’ll have more momentum.

The Takeaway

The next time you hear someone talk about motivation, in your mind, remember that the word momentum is tied directly to it. I hope this helps you out.

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