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Remember Christmas? I know it feels like quite a while ago now that we're in January. But it really just happened a few weeks ago. You’ve received an unexpected Christmas present from someone. It was thoughtful, kind, or very encouraging. Should you send a thank you note for the Christmas present?

Is a thank you note appropriate, or is it overkill?

In general, this is a good rule of thumb: if you don’t live with the gift-giver, send a thank you note.

Think of the recipient. When he or she holds your card and reads it, you will make it clear how grateful you really are for the gift. Not that they sent it to you expecting a thank you, but because it will remind them that you are thankful for them and their thoughtfulness.

Yes, handwritten cards take some extra effort. But all good things require effort.

Writing a thank you note won’t take long at all. When you get into the habit of writing thank you notes, you will begin to see how quickly you can write one.

There is one more thing to remember, writing thank you cards need to be personalized, but they can still follow a formula or example. The key is to be specific and concise. This will help you communicate your appreciation.

So, let’s get started.

You can use one of these simple examples for your thank you notes when those unexpected, or expected Christmas gifts come your way. There are always a lot of different ways to say thank you, but it is helpful to have some examples of any type of gift.

Christmas Gift Thank You Note Examples

Every Christmas we receive specific gifts. When we receive the gift it is always good form to be sure to references it and something you like about it. When you do this it goes to show that you appreciate it and noticed the detail of the gift. Here are three examples for specific gifts.

Dear John and Lucy,

Thank you so much for the gorgeous scented candle. I just adore the fragrance of cinnamon, especially during the holidays! You know how much I love candles and this one is burning proudly in our home.

Thanks once again for such a lovely thoughtful gift.



Dear Anne,

Thank you very much for the Yeti travel mug. It keeps my coffee warm all day long, which will be very handy during the cold winter months.

Thanks again for the fantastic gift.

Merry Christmas!



Dear Linda,

I’m blown away by your generosity! Thank you so much for the thoughtful Christmas present. The cookies were delicious. I love the peanut butter ones with a Hershey Kiss on top. They won’t be around long!

Thanks again for the wonderful gift.



Thank You Notes For A Gift Certificate

Another common Christmas gift is the gift certificate or gift card. When someone gives you one of these, you have an opportunity to communicate more about you that helps you connect more with the gift giver. They might be a distant relative or a close friend, but you have a chance to grow your relationship with a thank you.

Dear Uncle Mike,

Thank you for the Best Buy gift certificate. I got a new computer for Christmas, and I’m sure to use that gift certificate. I’ll likely buy some Bluetooth headphones with it. I hope you had a nice Christmas, and I hope to see you soon.

Happy holidays!



Dear Shane,

Thanks so much for the Amazon gift card. I used it to buy both a journal and a pen, and they were delivered very fast! I love to write early in the morning while sipping coffee.

Thanks again for thinking of me and for the great gift!

Your friend,


Dear Samantha,

Thank you for the Starbucks gift card. You and I both know how nice it is to grab a cup of coffee out once in a while. In fact, I stopped by Starbucks today and used the gift card. Thank you for that cup of coffee, it really meant a lot today!

Thank you again!


Thank You Notes When Your Receive A Check Or Cash

One last common gift is when we receive a check or cash for Christmas. My grandparents used to always send us a check for Christmas because they didn’t know what we would like or because they weren’t able to get out to the store that year. A thank you note here can be similar to the gift certificate or gift card, but you can do a little more with these gifts.

Dear Grandpa Joe,

Thank you for the $100.00 you gave me this year. I really appreciate it and am thankful for how generous you are to give this gift. I used the money to buy a new jacket that I have really wanted. This morning, I put the jacket on and thought of you.

Thank you again!


Dear Aunt Joanne,

Thanks for sending me a $50. I put it into the bank this morning to save toward purchasing a computer for college next year. I really appreciate you and your gift that I could put it toward something important.

Thanks again!


Dear Roger,

Thank you for the gift for the $10 you sent. I appreciate how generous you are to send me a ten-dollar bill. It was a wonderful surprise that I will use wisely or maybe just get something I wouldn’t normally purchase. I will be thinking of you and how generous you have been.

Thanks again,


Thank You Notes For Gifts/Bonuses/Perks At Work

Some of us are blessed with employers who will send out special gifts, allow us to expense a meal, or send out bonuses at the end of the year around Christmas time. When that happens, it is always good form to

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Thank you for sending the Harry and David box this year for company Christmas gifts. It was so thoughtful to send us something and my family enjoyed all the tasty treats. It is so great to work for someone like you and to feel appreciated this time of the year.

Thank you again,


Dear Jeff,

Thank you for sending out this year’s bonus. It is always an encouraging part of the Christmas season when we receive this and I never take it lightly that we get a bonus at the end of the year. I feel very appreciated and I wanted to make sure that you knew how much we as employees appreciate it.

Thank you again,


Dear Stephanie,

Thanks for letting me expense lunch this week as a special gift for the season. It was a much appreciated gift to be able to get something out of the usual and to know that our leaders are thinking of us.

Thanks again,


A Simple Thank You Note Template

As you have seen in each of the examples above there are a few keys to a quick thank you note. First, you identify the person who gave you the gift. Second, you acknowledge the gift they gave you. Third, you share how you used or appreciated the gift. Lastly, thank them again.

Dear [gift giver],

Thank you for the [specific gift you received]. I [how you feel about the gift]. I plan on [how you will use the gift].

Thanks again for the gift.

[Closing to match your relationship],

[Your name]

What If You Have A Lot Of Thank You Cards To Write?

You have just seen nine quick examples and a template for writing thank you cards for a variety of gifts. But, you might be thinking, ‘I have a lot of thank you cards to write, I don’t have that much time in the day.’ It’s okay, we all face this reality after Christmas. However, there are two simple approaches to getting your thank you cards done.

First, carve out an hour out of your week, sit down and write your thank you cards one after another until they are all done.

Second, write one to three cards a day until you have written everyone back.

These two simple ways are useful to help you get your thank you notes written and in the mail in a timely manner so that you can enjoy the gifts you received and be sure to send a thoughtful note in return to the gift-giver.

And remember, as you get used to writing thank you notes, you will start to write them more quickly.

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