This 1-Second Trick Will Save You Hours

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Are you struggling to find time to do something you want to do like work out, read, or write? I totally get it. The great news is that I’ve got some relief for you here.

And this productivity tip will help because it is SO simple. I know firsthand that it actually works.

Here goes. First, pick up your phone. As you know, there are a few apps that you use A LOT. At least more than you’d like to admit. And all of those apps take away a lot more of your time than you think they do.

Maybe it’s Facebook. Or Instagram. Or Twitter. Or YouTube. Or email. Or even all of the above. Whatever it is, don't worry. I've got a super easy solution for you. by Oleg Magni on Unsplash

It’s Time To Get Super Honest With Yourself

What apps are the ones you use the most? For me, it’s YouTube.

And it is the most dangerous because each video can be 2 minutes long or an hour long. Ding dang! That’s a serious time suck! Click on a few videos and time is flying by. And that's just no good.

Okay, once you know what apps are the problem, here’s the 1-second fix. Remove those distracting, time-sucking apps from your phone’s home screen.

On Android, I just drag the icon to remove it. That’s it. And it literally takes one second to drag the app there.

That’s right, just take those apps right off the home page.

Notice I’m not saying you need to delete them completely. That's your call. Sure, you can do that if you want. I recently deleted Facebook from my phone and it felt absolutely great.

Best of all, you’ll still have those apps, but they will be buried with all of the other apps. This step will make it just a little harder to find those apps.

Now if any activity is not giving you pleasure, of course you’re going to procrastinate and do something else. You go for the easiest choice that gives you the most pleasure. Your brain is smart, and it doesn't want to do things the hard way.

When a distracting app is only one quick tap away and it makes you feel good, you are going to indulge in that reward. When you move distracting apps off of your home screen, the extra few seconds it takes gives your brain time to think about the situation. You start to weigh the cost versus the benefit.

Your Next Step

You know how to get more done: it stars with making things easier on yourself. Break down what it is you want to do. Simplicity is KEY. And that’s how you’ll find some momentum. You want to feel good. If you want to get in shape, working out has to be an absolute no-brainer. You can't put a bunch of challenges in your way and think you're just suddenly going to become a disciplined, perfect person. Get your workout gear ready to go. Make it a non-negotiable thing.

Sometimes, you could be off with your expectations. Set realistic goals. You're not going to lose 45 lbs in a month. It's just not happening. But you can build up some healthy habits and see some progress.

Again, keep things simple and be honest with yourself.

Most of us — if not all of us — struggle with how we use our phones. But take some small steps like this to be more intentional with how you use our time and energy.

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