Invictus Capital Launches Dedicated Institutional Investment Suite

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Working with investors who recognise the opportunity offered with digital currencies, Invictus Capital has launched a dedicated institutional investment suite designed to bring the latest funds, strategies and intelligence to institutional investors globally. The Invictus marriage of top expertise from both traditional and crypto finance is a powerful driver for envisioning and rolling out highly-profitable alternative crypto investment strategies.

“We offer our clients a trusted, secure way to access the most innovative digital investment offerings globally. Our team of data scientists are pioneers in the crypto investment landscape and we are recognised leaders in the digital asset space,” says Haydn Hammond, Global Head of Crypto Fund Services.

As the crypto currency markets continue to surge so has institutional interest in all areas of digital assets. Wealth managers, family offices and institutional investors are buying up digital assets in bulk. Enthusiasts have long understood the value unlocked by crypto currencies, and today we are seeing the realization dawn at traditional banks and asset managers, with more and more starting to build out their own crypto desks.

Increased Interest in Digital Assets

The world's biggest players in the tech arena have been vocal about their support of the technology, projects and innovations that are driving the crypto currency markets. From Elon Musk to Jack Dorsey to Michael Saylor, these high profile names were early adopters and analysts in the digital asset space.

With more and more institutional adoption and increased acceptance of digital assets as a legitimate asset class, we are seeing an ease in facilitation of regulated investments into the space.

"Our team is delighted to remove any perceived barriers to entry in this booming investment space. Our analysts make DeFi more accessible through a cleverly curated array of funds. Both C20 and C10 have consistently performed for our clients over the past four years. We are proud that C20 was the world’s first crypto index fund and Invictus is on track to becoming the operators of the world’s first fully-regulated, tokenized mutual fund," says Hammond.

Increased understanding of the technology

As the old saying goes ‘Knowledge is power’ and that certainly applies to the world of crypto assets. Now that we are developing a deeper understanding of the technological capabilities behind the world of blockchain and DeFi, crypto currencies and other digital assets are gaining credibility as a part of a balanced investment strategy for institutional investors.

As more institutions get involved crypto asset prices will trend higher due to the size of the institutional market bid. These assets will become increasingly mainstream and an integral part of portfolio allocations. Invictus Capital is helping to pave the way to better understanding of the opportunities within the crypto currency market. “We continually monitor the digital asset ecosystem with a dedicated team of data analysts, allowing us to make the most informed, revenue driven decisions to secure strong returns.” continues Hammond.

Invictus as the Leading Investment Partner

Alongside this surge in momentum, Invictus Capital are now offering a dedicated Institutional Investment suite that inspires trust for all investors wishing to capitalise on the strong gains of the crypto asset space. The team at Invictus are pleased to offer increased exposure to crypto currencies as a top-performing alternative asset class to a range of institutional investors across the globe. The team at Invictus Capital is comprised of senior professionals from both traditional finance as well as technology and offer diversified exposure to the top performing digital assets. With Invictus Capital, institutional investors and wealth managers can now hold digital assets with confidence.

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