Importance of English language in our day-to-day life part 1

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English Literature,written by Jhon Adil

This literature is wholly based on language and primarily English language. The current growth and immense influence of the English language hold so many things. Because the English language did not emerge as an abrupt entity but it marks a long history: shrouded in hectic struggles. Currently, it has dominated the world and almost 1.35 billion people in the world speak English out of 7.8 billion people. Thus, nowadays, a quote is circulating: “English Rule” is an old phrase, “English language Rule” is a post-modern phrase.

The formation of the English Language

Language is one of the complex and outstanding inventions of humans. It is a medium of communication through which human beings express their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and so on. Therefore, language is ubiquitous and without language human life would not have developed so much. Verily, that is the language that helps us in executing a diverse range of activities. From the simplistic activities such as day-to-day conversation to the more convoluted discourses (Speeches of politicians, books, movies, science, and so on) language plays a crucial role.

Besides, it distinguishes us from animals too. When we think: what distinguishes humans from animals? So, the first thing that hits our minds is language. Animals use language, but their language is limited and they cannot generate infinite sentences. However, humans can produce and generate infinite and large structures from finite elements and roles. Therefore, animals cannot talk about the future and past. Their language is directed to now and in recent times. Though, humans can talk about the past, present, and future.

Moreover, there are approximately 6,500 languages spoken in the world. Among all these languages, English is widely spoken and it is the official language of 67 countries. Apart from this, among 1.3 billion speakers, there are only 400 million native speakers of the English language. Hence, the rest are nonnative speakers of the English language. This means the ratio of nonnative speakers is far greater than the native speakers. Such is the power of the English language in the post-modern world.

Importance of English language

Additionally, language plays a vital role in the educational system of a country. Recently, the English language marks a great deal. The English language is the lingua franca of the world. Indeed, the English language is an international lingua franca. It is the language of communication, politics, diplomacy, trade and commerce, science and technology,
education, learning, and media on an international level, and therefore its importance cannot be ignored.

Importantly, a Lingua Franca is a bridge language. It connects two speakers whose native languages are different. For instance, if a Spanish visits China and he is unable to speak Chinese. On the other hand, if the Chinese to is not competent to speak Spanish. In such a case, English plays an essential role. So, it’s an auxiliary, link, or trade language. Because people from different countries visit across the globe and they use English as their language in communication.

How does English have influenced the walk of our routines?

Thus, one can find the detailed importance of the English language: illustration of the above-mentioned points (language of politics, diplomacy, trade, and commerce, science and technology, education, learning, and media) one by one in the second part of this article.

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