Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Binance, and Uniswap current analysis

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Huge economic ups and downs

Cryptocurrency Market has done well out of its frequent investors. Since the market has kicked off, several investors have reaped the financial rewards. Unluckily, the market has turned into a Bearish market because the prices are falling off. Recently, the Crypto market is dead in the water because coin prices confront a swing decline. Besides, the market is giving a lesson that it has both pros and cons. A brief study of the following four main features of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Binance, and Uniswap.

Moreover, even the top coins of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin, DogeCoin, Uniswap, and so on are also struggling hard in the flump market. Thus, This economic meltdown in the Crypto market is the worst economic crisis ever.

Even Bitcoin, being one of the top coins in the market did not safeguard itself. The coin is currently trading with a price value of $45,699.31. Moreover, on the basis of the last 24 hours of analysis, the high recorded price of Bitcoin is $46,580.88, while the low noted value is $44,481.52.

Additionally, if one puts forth last week’s analysis, he/she will clue up about the current downturn in the prices. On 5th September, Bitcoin’s price was $50,229.78. After one day’s break, On 7th September, it surged and reached $52,774.41.

Now by comparing its prices in the past week, we can get that the coin has dropped down. In addition to that, on the basis of this week’s percentage, the coin has lowered its price value up to -8.3%. Verily, it is a big loss for the top-ranking coins. However, still the coin ranks first in the Crypto market with its phenomenal role.

Now, switching our tone from Bitcoin to Binance Coin, which ranks fifth in the Crypto market. Currently, Binance is trading at $415.52. It too did not rescue itself from the drastic economic downturn. Besides, based on the last 24 hours’ observation, the high price value is $417.76 while the low recorded price is $395.33.

In the light of aforesaid words, the Binance coin has dropped down its price on a large scale. Thus, there is a huge fluctuation in its price. Back on 4th September, it was trading with a price value of $505.05. But post one day, on 5th September, its price dropped to $419.19. Moreover, after one day, once again it jumped to $505.45. However, post 8th September the coin has not upsurged. Its price was $394.96 on 8th September.

The Cryptocurrency since 8th September, it’s struggling hard to restore its former position. Based on the current week’s percentage, the coin has lost -14.8% of its worth. Which is greater in comparison to Bitcoin. Hence, it is such a worst economic recession.

Let us jump to DogeCoin now. Which ranks eighth on the Crypto rank list. DogeCoin is passing through the same flop market. Its story is similar to the rest of the coins. In addition, DogeCoin’s current price value is $0.244864. It has dropped down its price too.

On the basis of the aforementioned words, DogeCoin is also struggling with the economic crisis. As stated, that the coin has a high value of $0.251636, while the low recorded price is $0.237177. This analysis is based on the last 24 hours.

In spite of this, the coin has gone through some reasonable prices. Back on 5th September, its price was $0.3055891, which increased on September 6. It reached $0.317366 and after one day, on 7th September, it dropped down once again to $0.301517. Henceforth, today its price is $0.244864. Comparing with the last day’s prices, it is vivid that DogeCoin has fallen off.
On the basis of the last seven days’ percentage, it has lost -17.3% of its price worth.

Last but not least, Uniswap ranks sixteenth on the list. If big fish survive hard in the flump market, how can Uniswap move smoothly? Its story is also not different from the aforesaid coins. Hence, its current price value is $23.21.

Moreover, the last 24 hours’ observation clues us up about its high and low prices. So, the high recorded price is $23.42 and the low price is $21.64. Seems like not much fluctuation today but it has a huge downturn comparing to the past week.

On September 6, Uniswap’s price was $30.12, which is much greater than the current price. Though it has fallen down. it was not even awful on September 7. The price on September 7 was $29.52. Post 7th September, the coin dropped down frequently and it is still struggling with the flop market. The last seven days’ analysis educates us that the coin has lost -18.4% of its price value.

To sum up, now it is obvious now, that in Cryptocurrency almost every coin is passing through an economic meltdown. Bitcoin has lowered its value on a great scale. Additionally, Binance Coin, DogeCoin, and Uniswap have also visited a decline phase. In fact, it is the biggest market crash in the entire span of Cryptocurrencies. This market crash has turned users numb and anxious because of its huge losses. Thus, no one is obvious that up to how many days this recession will carry on. Hopefully, it will recover soon. Stay connected for further updates.

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