The term “zoology” comes from the Greek and translates as “science or study of animals”. The main objective of zoology is the examination of the morphological and anatomical description of the different animal species: their reproduction, development, behavior and distribution. Aristotle was the first zoologist since he devoted himself to taxonomy, which is, to the description and cataloguing of numerous species.

Zoologists are the specialists in charge of the biological taxonomy of all animal species, both living and dead. Some zoologists work in museums and are responsible for the maintenance and description of zoological collections.

Zoology has many subspecialties that deal with different groups, such as arachnology (spiders), herpetology (reptiles and amphibians), ichthyology (fish), ornithology (birds), malacology (mollusks)

Animal husbandry is an economic activity of very ancient origin that consists of raising animals for their use. Depending on the livestock species, various derived products are obtained, such as meat, milk, eggs, hides, wool and honey, among others.

The most important livestock species worldwide are cattle, sheep and pigs. However, in some regions of the world, other types of livestock are more important, such as goats and horses, as well as cuniculture, poultry and beekeeping.

Animal husbandry is closely related to agriculture, since on a farm the two can be interrelated. In these cases, the livestock provide the manure, which is used as fertilizer, and the crops provide the feed for the animals

Animal biology is the science that deals with the study of what is called the Kingdom Animalia. This kingdom comprises all multicellular organisms. And which take energy through the digestion of food and also contain cells that are organized into tissues.

This is different from plants, which produce their nutrients from inorganic substances through the process of photosynthesis. Animals actively provide themselves with food. And they proceed to digest it in their internal system.

In animal biology, animal tissues are made up of different cells, which are joined together. Likewise, the extracellular matrix is formed through characteristic junctions.


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