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Cats are amazing animals. They have been the only members of the felidae family that have been willing to coexist with humans, thus building a unique relationship among the animal kingdom. We think we have domesticated them, but in reality the friendship that unites us is maintained because we accept their rules in exchange for the great affection they give us.

Cats belong to the Felis catus species, that is, they are felids, just like lions, tigers, cougars, among others. The body of these animals is made by and for hunting, so they are carnivores, which means that in order to survive they must hunt their prey and feed on them.

Already the ancient Egyptians had a penchant for cats, as they were the ones who first domesticated them. It was a revered animal and was part of the daily life of the ruling class and, in fact, there were funerals in its honor.

The dog is a mammal and quadruped animal that was domesticated about 10,000 years ago and currently lives with humans as a pet. Its scientific name is Canis lupus familiaris.

The domestic dog is a subspecies of the wolf, it is believed that it gradually came to live in places where there were human settlements, this made it get used to the presence of humans and paved the way for its domestication; at first it was used as a hunting assistant or to carry out defense and guarding tasks, later it would be used for herding functions; nowadays it is highly valued as a companion animal or pet.

Its adaptation to the human environment has led to a notable change in its eating habits, nowadays it can be considered as an omnivorous animal, in fact the industrial food elaborated for these animals, has in its composition, besides the protein contributions required by the animal, other components such as cereals and vegetables.

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