Endangered animals


According to data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the international organization with the greatest authority on the problem, approximately 5,200 species of animals are currently in danger of extinction. Furthermore, in a breakdown by class, 11% of birds, 20% of reptiles, 34% of fish and 25% of amphibians and mammals are in danger of extinction.

There are many reasons why a species may be on the verge of extinction. The reasons may be highly specific to each species, but in general terms, among the greatest threats are the destruction and fragmentation of their habitats; climate change; illegal hunting and trafficking; and the introduction of exotic species.

Preventing a species from disappearing involves the implementation of a large number of resources and concrete actions. Some of these would be to avoid the fragmentation of their habitats, for example deforestation; to prosecute and severelya

A horse is a mammal animal that is part of the equidae family. It is a perissodactyl: an ungulate being (it uses the end of its toes for support and walking) whose limbs have an odd number of toes ending in hooves and whose central toe is more developed than the rest.

Their diet is based on plants such as grass or hay, but some fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots can also be included in their food group.

Horses can be domesticated, those that humans have been able to tame for different purposes are very useful in animal husbandry or for sport, as well as in psychological and physical rehabilitation therapies (equine therapy) and for transportation in certain rural contexts. At the same time, there are horses that live in the wild.

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