Irish Man killed by Aggressive Chicken in a Vicious Barnyard Attack

Jett Barnett

An Irish man was found dead after he was aggressively attacked and killed by a vicious chicken in his home.

Medical reports show that Jasper Kraus, the victim, was mauled by a Brahma chicken on April 28, 2022 according to the Irish Examiner.

Earlier that day, Kraus' daughter Virginia Guinan, had passed by his home to drop shopping off to her father.

She went inside and found him fast asleep. Mr Kraus was upset after his dog died and so she didn't want to wake him. Instead she left him alone and drove off.

Ms Guinan said her father had suffered from ill health, was in remission from cancer, and had previously suffered from renal failure. He was also on a lot of medication.

Later on during the day, Corey O'Keefe, a tenant at the home, returned from night duty.

He fed the animals and checked on Mr Kraus before going to bed. He was later woken by an alarm from Mr Kraus screaming, “come quick.”

Mr O’Keeffe quickly rushed to his rescue and found blood spurting out of the back of the man’s leg. On the other leg, he saw two scratches and a large wound on his calf.

He also found a trail of blood leading to the chicken house, where he saw one of the birds with blood on its claws.

O'Keefe quickly called emergency services who came to rescue the man who went unconscious from the attack.

During Mr Kraus's bout of consciousness, Mr O'Keeffe said he said the word "rooster".

Virginia Guinan was quickly alerted and when she arrived at the scene she suspected that it was the same chicken that had earlier attacked her daughter.

Paramedics arrived at the home and tried to resuscitate Kraus but he was pronounced dead.

The coroner recorded the dead as one by "misadventure".

However, further medical reports show that Jasper Kraus had been suffering from high blood pressure and appeared to have had a heart attack at the time of the vicious chicken mauling.


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