Trophy Hunter is Eaten Alive by Brother of Lion he Shot for an Instagram Post

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John Lennon once said “ karma is going to get you”

This is the case of a story that took place in South Africa in which a trophy hunter of Lions was reportedly killed by the brother of a lion he had shot.

In a viral video that made rounds on social media, the trophy hunter had shot one of the great cats with a rifle he was holding.

Once the cat was dead, he went on to pose for a photo next to the carcass to share on his Instagram account.

But as karma would have it, one of the lions in the pride sneaked out behind the hunter and devoured him to death.

The man was heard screaming from a distance by witnesses near the city of Phalaborwa in South Africa.

The lion repeatedly devoured most of the hunter’s body before he was found.

When the rescue police arrived at the scene, they found a loaded rifle next to him and his phone. He was streaming live on Instagram about trophy hunting when he got eaten.

The story quickly went viral on social media and Twitter users were quick to comment on the story.

“In what world would an animal’s life be worth as much as a person’s?” asked one Twitter user.
"Someone who kills animals for fun and sport and not necessity brought this upon himself. I’ll say it: I think the lion’s life was more valuable." Wrote another user.

However, one Twitter user called Steve Mellow, pointed out that the hunter had probably paid about $70k to kill the animal as it was already too old and sick, so it was going to die, anyway.

The money spent to kill the lion directly goes to the local village that authorizes the legal killing and the meat is left for the village to harvest and feed families, Mellow further said.

So, what do you think about trophy hunting?

Are animals' lives equal to humans'?

Tell us in the comments.



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