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Recycling plastic, paper and metal in the Gila Valley

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Secured paper shredding and plastic recycling are available in the Gila Valley. Metal Mite Recycling at 5900 N Safford Bryce Rd in Pima takes metals, appliances, and select plastics. The Document Destruction paper shredding facility is located at 450 W 1200 S in Pima east of the Vard Lines Roping Arena.

According to the EPA 2018 statistics Americans generate about 5 pounds of garbage per person per day. Only 8.7 percent of plastic generated was recycled in 2018. In that year, landfills received an estimated 27 million tons of plastic. Paper is recycled at a higher rate with 46 million tons recycled and landfills receiving 17.2 million tons.

Metal Mite can recycle plastic marked #1 CACRV at the Metal Mite Safford Bryce Rd location. Water, sports drinks, and some juice bottles are made with #1 CACRV plastic. Metal Mite does not accept milk cartons or anything that contains oil. Bring plastic during business hours so it can be sorted and weighed. At this time Metal Mite pays 15 cents per pound for recyclable plastic.

Commercial paper shredding pickup is available throughout the Gila Valley during the week. A minimum of 12 filled banker-size boxes is required for pickup service. Secure bins are provided for collection, the sizes of bins range from large 50-gallon style bins to small desk bins. Collection of bins can be scheduled monthly or weekly depending on the needs of the client. Paper is taken back to the shredding facility and shredded throughout the week.

Individuals can bring boxes of paper to the facility on 1200 South in Pima on Thursdays by appointment. Shredding a bankers box size box of paper costs about $7.00, prices are subject to change depending on the market. There is no minimum, and the paper will be shredded the same day and shredding can be monitored from the lobby if required. Employees are certified for secured document handling.

After the paper goes through the shredder it is compacted into 1000-pound bales and shipped to a paper mill in Phoenix. The paper is sent through a process of cleaning and bleaching and is turned into a pulp so it can be rerolled and made into paper and paper products. Recycling paper not only cuts down on the paper waste filling our landfills it also helps to reduce the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions produced by acquiring new paper fiber.

Plastics are shipped to a recycling plant in Phoenix where the materials are sorted, washed, shredded into flakes, or made into pellets so they can be molded into new products. This process also reduced energy and greenhouse gas emissions while cutting down the use of fossil fuels.

Metal Mite can only accept recycling during business hours on Fridays between 8 am and 2 pm and Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm. For more information on aluminum cans, metals, plastic, and appliance recycling call 928-965-7879. Call 928-965-5030 for Document Destruction paper shredding.

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