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How do you stay hydrated? Are there tricks you use to drink more water? I have a few tricks, but I never know if I'm really getting enough water throughout the day and trying to research the guidelines can be confusing. I do know that I get enough coffee! And I don't need an app on my phone or a reminder to remember to drink coffee. So how do I make water a priority?

I know I should start off my day drinking water, I feel better when I do. I leave water by my bedside at night and I drink as much as I can before I get out of bed, and reach for coffee. I actually think water energizes me and helps me to wake up and it gives me a headstart for reaching my daily water goals.

When I ask my friends what they do to make sure they drink more water they've all say the vessel is important. Having a favorite cup or bottle makes a difference as to whether or not they will follow through and drink the water they need. My husband uses bottles he can refill and freeze. He puts them in his lunch box to keep his lunch cold and then as the ice melt he drinks the water. He ends up drinking 4 to 5 bottles of water a day and is probably the most hydrated person I know.

I like nice cold ice water. I have a 32 oz stainless steel bottle that I fill up with water and ice, it has a special cap that can close tight so I can take it anywhere. I usually drink 32 ounces easily and refill the bottle at least once so I get at least 64 ounces in a day.

I won't drink water if it's left a few days and I won't drink water if I can't rinse out a bottle before I refill it. I think knowing your limitations is as important as knowing your goals in this matter. Also knowing the signs of dehydration is important. If I don't get enough water I get brain fog, terrible headaches and I feel sleepy and moody.

We must remember to take advantage of this precious resource and stay hydrated. With the right cup or bottle, the right phone app or reminder we can. I want to encourage my friends to stay hydrated, and since I know it's an issue I've started a Facebook page for friends to help encourage all of us to drink more water and reach our hydration goals.

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