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"Rebounding" has a few different meanings. In the last couple of years, it has taken on a new meaning to me. Rebounding is now jumping up and down on a tiny trampoline in my living room. It is a fantastic form of exercise and does a lot of good for the entire body.

I remember when I was young, my friend's mom had a mini trampoline in her living room. It was a big fitness craze back then. The resurgence of mini-trampolines has come with new technologies and new materials. There are many different models of trampolines available these days. Rebounders are made with either springs holding the trampoline to the frame or with bungies. Some rebounders have stability bars that can be held when getting on and off the trampoline and provide a bar to hold onto when jumping. Some rebounders are made to do exercise routines that include kicks and turns and knee lifts.

I love the aerobic workout I get and how invigorated I feel. Even after just 10 minutes at a soft bounce, I feel my heart rate has increased and I'm breathing like I just went for a run. Some of the reported benefits of rebounding include increased circulation of the lymphatic system, oxygenation, lowered cholesterol, and increased metabolism.

According to NASA researched the benefits of rebounding in the 1980s. What they found is that rebounding can burn 12-15% more calories than jogging. Oxygen consumption is twice as high as when running on a treadmill and overall rebounding is 68% more effective as an exercise than jogging. Chances of injury decrease with rebounding and energy expenditure increases.

Bone density increases. According to "NASA study also cited rebounding as being one of the best exercises for rebuilding lost bone tissue, after they studied astronauts who would lose bone mass while in space and observing them regain the mass due to rebounding."

Best of all rebounding is fun! There are all types of exercise options for rebounding, from just a simple bounce where your feet never leave the trampoline surface to a full-on cardio super workout. Many rebounding live classes, videos, and exercise suggestions can be found online.

I invested in a rebounder with a stability bar and a large trampoline surface area. There are different theories as to the benefits of springs versus bungie construction. Some claim springs give a better workout and some claim bungies are a softer bounce and are less stressful on joints. I encourage trying before you buy if possible. I've seen small rebounders advertised at my local sporting goods stores and there are many websites that offer advise and suggestions to best fit your needs. There are also several facebook groups that are very beneficial when questions and decisions arise.

I'm happy I found this fun and helpful activity. Rebounding has many great benefits and each time I jump I feel like I am doing the right exercise for my body.

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