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My Experience Exploring Universal Orlando For The First Time

Jessica Ufuoma


Welcome to the Universal Studios

It finally hit me that I was in the famous Universal Studios. Universal Studios is special, very very special. It is like the adult’s corner of Orlando’s theme parks. Not to say Disney is only for kids, as there are so many things for adults to also enjoy there, but Universal is more grown-up and hardcore, such that kids are not able to participate in most of them and this reduces the crowd there drastically.

First impressions

1.) I loved how colorful and vibrant it was. It instantly puts you in a great mood.

2.) I also love that at Universal Orlando, there is no one attraction that everyone is gunning to see there. Every ride holds it’s own, there was no 'Beyonce'. This is the part I loved the most about Universal and this meant that rides were evenly distributed and fair for all.

What made Universal so special?

You may be wondering what made Universal Studios so special. I’ll attempt to explain that in this post. Keyword, attempt because, just like some things in life, you will have to experience it for yourself to understand why. Nonetheless, for the purpose of this, I’ll try. I promise.


1.) The Amazing World of Harry Potter

Whether you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan or just someone curious enough to get lost in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, this place will blow your mind.

I walked the Diagon Alley, guys! (A cobblestoned shopping area for the wizarding world, where Hogwarts students can purchase necessary supplies.) Harry Potter fans, you’ll understand this one.

At the Diagon Alley,  It’s like you have stepped into the set of Harry Potter, what’s left is to have a wand in hand and to say some incantations. I’m not into those type of things, but if you are, you will have such a swell time.


2.) Watching Fear Factor Live

Remember the popular fear factor show where a group of contestants are made to perform some challenges and disgusting stunts? Well, yours truly watched that live. It’s much different when you watch it on TV but seeing people in the flesh-eating all that nonsense was some next-level experience. It took so much not to puke but what an experience.


3.) Enjoying the awesome rides

I definitely believe that the rides at Universal Studios deserve a blog post of their own but on second thoughts, words cannot adequately describe. Every ride was terrific. The rides here are more geared towards the adults, they are in 3D and are more hardcore. The Revenge of the mummy was my absolute favorite and then Harry Potter in close second and the Transformers, and so many more. I loved it.

4.) Seeing a real-life action figure

If you are into action figures, you’ll love this one. They are really cool and I was pleasantly surprised to see one on the streets of Orlando resort. Parents paid for their kids to take photos with them but I decided to pass. Seeing it alone was enough for memory keepsakes.


5.) Taking a picture at the Universal globe sign

What’s a trip to Universal studios without posing with the famous Universal globe sign? That same one that we see at the beginning of our favorite movies? It’s a no-brainer really. You have got to take a photo at the Universal sign, no matter where you’re from, vegan or meat lover, black or white, whatever. You just have to do it.


6.) Seeing all the vintage american classic cars

Something about American classic cars that are so special. It almost feels like you are lost in time, sort of. I bumped into a couple of them while roaming the streets of Universal and it made for a great photo opportunity. I’ll ride in one (or two) sometime in the nearest future, fingers crossed.


I absolutely had a pleasant time at the special place that is Universal Studios and will definitely be going back there, someday. Hopefully soon. If you are planning to visit Universal Studios, I’ll say do it. Everybody loves it, chances are, you will too.

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