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Five Unique and Fun Experiences to Have in San Diego

Jessica Ufuoma
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San Diego is a firecracker of a city with a lot of things to see and do. From beautiful beaches to craft breweries, theme parks and museums, there's something for everyone in San Diego. If you're looking for some of the most unique and fun experiences to have, here's a list to help you get started on your journey to see the best San Diego has to offer.

1.) A Sunset Sail in San Diego Bay

Chances are, you've already seen San Diego by foot but why not take it up a notch and get on a romantic sunset sailing cruise? This is the perfect adventure for a date, or you can do it yourself and have a serene evening watching the sunset over California's beautiful cities. You can book this luxury sunset sail experience for you and your loved one on Airbnb.

Photo by Katherine McCormack on Unsplash

2.) Kayaking in La Jolla

Yes, yet another water activity but why not? You're in San Diego and there's a beautiful bay to explore. This time in La Jolla Bay, a marine protected area and home to a thriving ecosystem of sea life. You can paddle through La Jolla's marine reserve and look out for seals, sea lions, sea turtles, dolphins and more. On a good day, you can see all of them. This is a fun way to relax in the afternoon and get some arm workout at the same time. An active and fun experience to get your adrenaline pumping. You can book this experience here.
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3.) Spend a day exploring the San Diego Zoo

This is something for both kids and adults alike - a very family friendly and fun activity. You can discover thousands of wild animals like elephants, polar bears and even lions. Make sure to take the Skyfari aerial tram so you can admire the animals from a good and safe distance. Check out this website to purchase tickets in advance of your visit.
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4.) Indulge in a pasta cooking class

Did you know that the largest Little Italy in the United States is in San Diego? Italian culture is a big part of San Diego's history and what better way to honor it than indulging in a pasta cooking class? This experience is one you can do alone or with friends but the catch is, you get to make your own pasta from scratch. There are also vegan alternatives for those who prefer.
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5.) Have a good laugh at one of San Diego's Comedy clubs

San Diego is a fun place to be, which means everyone naturally loves a good laugh. You can catch one in one of San Diego's comedy clubs. From American Co Comedy San Diego to Mad House Comedy Club or even the National Comedy Theatre, there's something for everyone's humor radar in San Diego.
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