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A Black-Owned Museum You Have to Visit in Greensboro, North Carolina

Jessica Ufuoma
Photo by Rich Girl Museum

There's a new museum in Greensboro that you absolutely have to check out. It's not everyday you get to witness Black spaces that are not filled with terrifying history or pain. Those conversations are important and it's vital to acknowledge history but there's also space for some Black joy, Black fun and in this case, a Rich Girl Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina. As the name implies, you can definitely feel like a rich money bag in this museum that's not only catered to the African American population but anyone who celebrates Black history.

If you're looking for a fun place to visit in North Carolina, then you should totally visit the Rich Girls Museum and be inspired.

About The Rich Girls Museum

This museum seeks to promote a culturally inclusive environment and is designed to foster creativity and imagination. It has eight different spaces and rooms and has some unique concepts that you wouldn't find anywhere else. It was founded by North Carolina A&T graduate, MarTeekia Sweat and her fiance, Josh White and has grown in popularity over the last few months. Fun spaces and instagrammable and colorful locations are very trendy right now, but even more in demand are places that promote inclusivity, where people can feel safe in and bring their full selves to the table.
Rich Girls Museum

The inspiration for the museum

MarTeekia Sweat always loved museums and she particularly liked the Museum of Ice Cream which she frequented while living in L.A. She was mesmerized by the vibrant colors and all the unique themes it had. She drew some of her inspiration from there and decided to bring it back home to Greensboro. In September 2019, planning for the museum started and in mid-October, the museum was already been built.
MarTeekia Sweat, Founder, Rich Girls MuseumRich Girls Museum

Location of the museum

You can find the museum near the intersection of Greensboro's W. Market and Spring Garden Streets. Once you get to the parking lot, you'll see a bright signage that is hard to miss and this is when the experience truly kicks off.

If you're planning a visit to this museum, which you should, you will need to reserve tickets in advance. Walk-ins are currently not allowed so make sure you book your tickets online using this link. It costs $30 for adults and kids below the age of 3 can enter for free. It is totally a place worth visiting. You not only get to enjoy the beauty and vibrancy of the museum but you get to support a Black-owned business as we all strive towards a more inclusive future.

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