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The First Black-Owned 7-Eleven Has Arrived in Las Vegas

Jessica Ufuoma
CBC Canada

Nevada has just opened its first Black-owned 7-Eleven in Las Vegas. This is an accomplishment that's certainly worth celebrating. We know that it's not everyday you see a Black person open up a major franchise, and from the look of things, and going by his tweets, Johnathan Lacy definitely had his work cut out for him while opening up shop. And actually, John had no idea he was going to be the first African American to own a 7/11 in the state.

The shop is located in Las Vegas at 3421 East Tropicana Avenue.

The new shop owner took to twitter to express his gratitude and shared his struggles setting up the shop.

I sacrificed it all. Put all the bread in one basket. No investors. No outside money. Now I am the first black owner of a 711 franchise in the state of Nevada. Blessings! - John

Turned down by several lenders

John mentioned how he was turned down by several lenders who didn't think he was the "ideal candidate" for a loan. However, he didn't let the "no"s stop him from accomplishing what he set his heart to accomplish. We know that Black people and entrepreneurs have to work ten times harder to access certain privileges, so John remains an inspiration to those who are looking to be entrepreneurs and forge their own paths.

John's commitment to knowledge transfer

John is committed to teaching the community how he got to this milestone - this is a noble effort as his wisdom is definitely one that the Black community can learn from.

"A lot of people won't take that chance on you, especially being 30 years old and not having a huge million-dollar mansion in my name." - John

He got the money together by working and saving and was able to put it all together to achieve his dreams. What an inspiration!

Buy and support this Black-owned business

It's not everyday you see a Black-owned business in Las Vegas so when you get the chance to, make sure to support them because they need all the support they can get and you can help them continue to be profitable, especially in this uncertain time. If you'll like to support John, definitely head over to 3421 East Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas and buy a few stuff from him 7/11 store.

Well done John and keep being an inspiration to the Black community.

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