This New York University Grad is Building a Travel Empire

Jessica Ufuoma
Chidi Ashley

Chidi Ashley is a woman of many talents but her biggest passions are travel, business and people. Now founder of a self-named Black travel company, Chidi Ashley Travels, are story is inspiration to many women who want to go down that path someday. She was born in Canada and grew up in Nigeria, South Africa and England before moving to New York to study Business economics and Marketing at NYU's Stern Business School.

A mere glance at her experiences already shows such diverse cultural experiences that have opened her up to the world and shaped her to the woman she is today. She combines her love for travel, business and people into now running a global business in travel and a global team.
Chidi Ashley

From New York to Bali

Many people are caught up in the rat race and never really venture out of their comfort zone but not Chidi. Chidi went from working a 9-5 job to renogotiating her corporate contract and turning her passions into profit to build a profitable business - not a small feat at all. Did someone say you can't travel and make money while doing it? Chidi begs to differ.

Chidi made the move to Bali and is actually constructing her own home in Bali - talk about a smart, entrepreneural woman.
Chidi Ashley

From traveling to travel business empire

One look at Chidi's Instagram page shows a woman who lives life to the fullest, loves a good adventure and is always up for a good time. There's no denying that. Chidi is also smart and founded a travel company that allows other people, especially people of color, see the world. With over 50,000 followers on both her Instagram and her Instagram business page, it's clear that Chidi's services are needed in the travel industry and she's closing a gap in the industry and doing so in style.
Chidi Ashley

Her travel company - Chidi Ashley Travels

Chidi Ashley Travels is the representation that's needed in the travel industry. It is forward-thinking, millenial, Black and vibrant. With a yearly trip calendar that spans countries like Greece, Colombia, Costa Rica, Turkey, Peru and more, there's most likely something for everyone. With a focus on community, you're also encouraged to go on these trips by yourself because chances are - you'll make new friends on these trips. The photos from the experiences are also high-quality and rich and will have your friends back home wishing they were you on vacation.

Check out Chidi Ashley Travels here

We're rooting for Chidi as she builds her own travel empire and continues to take the travel industry by storm. If you're looking for a travel company with a focus on high quality customer service and authentic travel experiences, she and her team are here for you.

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