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This Los Angeles Company is Fostering Representation of Black Travelers

Jessica Ufuoma

Travel Noire

Black travelers have largely been underrepresented in the travel industry - an industry that's a multi-billion dollar one in which Black travelers are active participants. A quick google image search of the word "traveler" shows mostly images of white people, as if Black people don't travel as well. We know that representation matters everywhere - at work, at school, when we travel, and in so many other areas of our lives and it is so important that our actions represent that.

To make sure of Black travel representation, Travel Noire was formed in 2013 by a young woman called Zim. She created the company to foster representation and create a seat at the table for Black travelers. In 2016, Travel Noire was recognized by Fast Company as Most Innovative Company in Travel.

Travel Noire

The important work Travel Noire does

First off, Travel Noire creates a platform solely dedicated to Black travelers. That's already very impressive. With an Instagram account of more than 600,000 followers, that's a huge platform that can be beneficial to the modern Black traveler. Black travelers typically have specific needs when it comes to traveling that many times can't be found through a simple Google search. Questions such as, "Is there racism in country X", "How do I style my hair to make me less of a target" or even, "What do I wear so I will be respected" or "Black-friendly countries to visit". These are some of the tailored questions and concerns Black travelers have that Travel Noire hopes to answer.

Travel Noire

Focusing on educating the Black travel community

With a focus on education, Travel Noire inspires and equips Black travelers with their very own roadmap. Through masterclasses on investing, saving, traveling and more, Black travelers can learn and grow so they can continue to travel the world and compete on a global scale. The use of Black teachers, speakers and fellow travelers is what makes it truly special too - because there's nothing as empowering as seeing someone who looks like you, do what you've always wanted to do - it makes it all the more relatable.

Travel Noire

A pivotal moment in Travel Noire's history

In 2017, Blavity Inc, a Los angeles media startup for Black millenials acquired Travel Noire. Blavity has a monthly audience of around 30 million people and at the time, the acquisition poised the startup to become the go-to site for Black millenials looking for tailored travel deals and recommendations.

With the rise in Black media, we're seeing more and more representation on a global scale but we're still long ways away from the ideal state. However, companies like Travel Noire who are dedicated to fostering representation help push the dream closer and closer everyday. The dream being a world where there is peace, love and equity for all.

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