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Six Influencers That Showcase The Beauty of Austin, Texas

Jessica Ufuoma

Photo by Lifeonabanjo on Instagram

Austin, Texas is naturally beautiful, with stunning landscapes, beautiful natural pools and historical museums, it is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in America. However, it can sometimes be underrated. Cities like New Orleans, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, take the cake when it comes to tourism interest and hype.

Austin, Texas is in my opinion not hyped enough but there are some influencers right now who are taking the pain (and pleasure) of showing the world just how beautiful the city is and shining it in the best light. So, if you want to explore Austin or want to feel like a proud Austin Native, these are people you should be looking out for and enjoying their content.

1.) Laolu of Lifeonabanjo

Laolu of lifeonabanjo creates such dreamy content that'd make you want to hop on a flight and head over to Austin. She showcases the hidden parts of Texas and makes the seemingly mundane, regular parts look extravagant. If you're looking to live your best Austin, Texas life this year, you should follow Laolu of Lifeonabanjo on Instagram to be inspired to take your local adventures in Austin seriously and makw sure to live everyday to the fullest.

Photo by Lifeonabanjo on Instagram

2.) Haley of Readysetjetset

A fabolous travel blogger in Austin who shares stunning photos and content from not only her jetset adventures around the globe, but also of her hometown in Austin, Texas. With her bright and colorful photo pallette, she transforms you to a dreamy land in Austin and showcases everything Austin has to offer. From beautiful boutique hotels to spas to landscapes, you can truly see the amazingness of Austin through Haley's lens.

Photo by Haley of readysetjetset

3.) Rachel of Rachellately

Rachel is what I like to refer to as your virtual tour guide of all things Austin, Texas. Rachel shares lifestyle, travel guides and everyday life of what it's like to live in Austin. You can learn a lot from her - from the trendy restaurants to visit, to the new hot spot in town, there's so much about Rachel's explorations that'd inspire you to look at Austin in a new, exciting light.

Photo by Rachel of Rachellately on Instagram

4.) Koko of A Taste of Koko

If you want to discover the culinary scene in Austin, then let Koko be your guide. She curates some of the best foodventures in Austin and just makes you want to have anything she's eating. In light of recent happenings towards Asian Americans, she's been using her platform to educate and shed light on what it's like to be an Asian American woman in today's world. Come for the food guides, stay for Koko's personality and transparency. #StopAsianHate

Photo by Koko of AtasteofKoko on Instagram

5.) Oyin of Sweet like Oyin

It's almost impossible to talk about Austin without mentioning Oyin of Sweet like Oyin. She does an awesome job of showcasing the beauty of Austin and makes her everyday life seem like she's on a permanent vacation, whether in a foreign land far from home or in her city of Austin. If you're looking for an Austin moodboard to inspire you, look no further than Oyin Edogi.

Photo by Oyin of Sweetlikeoyin on Instagram

6.) Caitlin of bigwrldsmallgrl

Finally someone for the beer loving Texan. Her colorful photos will invite you into the world of beer as she samples some of the best beer in Austin. She has a very down to earth approach to her explorations and just has a fantastic way to showcase the beauty of Austin.

Photo by Caitlin on Instagram

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