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Social Commentary, Trending Tweets and Reactions to the Shooting of Asians in Atlanta Spa

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Recently in Atlanta, Georgia, a man opened fire in a massage parlor and killed eight people in a series of shootings, six of them being Asian women. The man has recently been charged for murder and kept in custody and there has been a lot of reactions on this unfortunate incident, on social media, including Twitter.

Twitter is now the top website for social commentary and industry leaders, celebrities and regular day to day people gather there to share their thoughts. Ever since the incident in Atlanta, the hashtag #StopAsianHateCrimes with thousands of people using this as a way to show solidarity to the Asian community. Read the reactions and highlights below.

If you're not a social media, here's what you need to know in summary. People are posting yellow squares in solidarity of the Asian community, and using the hashtag #StopAsianHateCrimes.

1.) Former President Barack Obama shared his thoughts on the Atlanta shooting

Former President Barack Obama did not mince words on March 17, 2021 when he said, "Although the shooter's motive is not yet clear, the identity of the victims underscores an alarming rise in anti-Asian violence that must end".

2.) Say their names! Loud and clear.

Delaina Ashely Yaun, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Yan, Daoyou Feng, Elcias R. Hernandez-Ortiz were murdered. Say their names and honor the ones who have passed away due to Asian hate.

3.) Being anti-racist isn't about celebrating 'diversity'

There's more to being anti-racist beyond celebrating diversity. "It's about acknowledging the pervasive existence of systemic racism" Well said!

4.) A 76-year old chinese woman defended herself. Asian hate crimes exist not just in Atlanta, but in other parts of America

Following the awareness the incident in Atlanta brought to Asian Hate crimes, it was noted that on March 18, 2021 in San Francisco, Xiao Zhen Xie, a 76-year-old Chinese woman fought back her attacker and suffered an eye injury. So sad and heartbreaking.

5.) A Georgia police officer called it a "bad day"

"It's insane to me that the Sheriff just casually says "He was fed up, at the end of his rope... yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did".

6.) A bad day is no excuse to murder eight people

Surely, this is common sense and everyone agrees with this, right? Why is it a "bad day" when white people do it and inexcusable when other minority people do it? Make this make sense.

7.) When I have a bad day, I get a cup of tea and watch netflix...

More reactions to the "bad day" excuse. "When I have a bad day, I don't shoot at minority groups. Fear is not an excuse for racism. Asian lives matter."

7.) A call for donations to help out the Asian community

The Asian community needs you write now and people are opening their wallets to show support and solidarity.

8.) I am not a virus

No other words needed.

9.) Keep your yellow squares, they are useless!

Just like the Black lives matter where people took to social media to post Black squares in solidarity to the Black community, people have done the same for the Asian community but this time with yellow squares. This young man says they are useless.

10.) Again, no to the yellow squares!

"Be useful. Not loud."


Injustice to one is injustice to all. As a member of the Black community, I know full well what it means to be racialized, segregated and targeted, so my heart goes out to my Asian American brothers and sisters. Let's keep fighting until we have a world free of racism and prejudice. Until then... #StopAsianHate.

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