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Seven Things Only True New Yorkers Understand

Jessica Ufuoma

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New York City! The famous New York City and easily one of the most powerful cities in the world. There are lights, people, whistles, taxis, people, 8.5 million people and so much to see, do and feed your eyes and heart with. For the average person, myself included, New York City can be very intimidating. As a tourist, it can be overwhelming navigating the streets, trying to keep up with the pace and stay sane while at it.

So I talked to my New York friends and they let me in on what it's like to be a true New York local. So here goes...

1.) There's no need to go to Times Square

If you're a local. Locals know tourists when they spot them in Times Square because Times Square is only for tourists. There's no need to go there as this is one of the least interesting places for New Yorkers to hang out and they'd rather visit places less parked with tourists.

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2.) Nobody goes home after work

Ding dong! Nobody goes home after work when they live in New York. First of all, you won't get home on time due to the traffic situation but even more importantly, there are always more exciting places than your home so you'll most likely catch New Yorkers grabbing a drink with friends after work.

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3.) You have to pack your entire house in your handbag

Again, traffic, traffic traffic in New York, you never know when you'll get the chance to hit the sacs at night so its important to take all your things in your bag every day. From a change of clothes if necessary, to your makeup essentials, wipes and so much more. New Yorkers typically pack their entire house in their bags so they can be prepared for the unexpected.

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4.) You have to learn the perfect skill of swiping a metrocard

Swiping a metrocard perfectly is something reserved for savvy New Yorkers. You'll separate the boys from the men during rush hour when people are trying to quickly catch the subway and this is where you see people fall short. True New Yorkers however, know how to swipe the metrocard with suave.

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5.) Bodegas, you've got to love them! They are everywhere.

Talk about convenience. You'll find bodegas on almost every street in New York and bodegas are pretty much small owner-operated convenience store. They are usually colorful and vibrant characters and you'll definitely need them when navigating through New York.

6.) Cash, make sure to carry them

Speaking of bodegas, you'll need cash in New York for all the things you'll find on street corners. From buying a hotdog from a stand to convenience stores, to taxis to homeless people on the streets (sadly), you'll definitely need to carry cash everywhere you go, and not just cash, change.

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7.) The best food in New York is in Queens

New Yorkers claim that Queens has the best food in the city and is one of the most diverse culinary sections in New York. From Vietnamese Pho to Mexican food, indian restaurants and more, you'll find everything to satisfy your food pallette in Queens.

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Now that you know some insider New Yorker secrets, you're ready to blend in and live your true New York dreams and live the magic of being in one of the most intriguing and electric cities on planet Earth.

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