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New York Power Couple, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in Shocking Split After Engagement

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The New York power couple, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez (New York Yankee star), popularly known together by fans as J-Rod are officially over, according to sources from TMZ. This news come as a shock to many people because there were no hints or rumors prior to their split. As is the case of many celebrity relationships, you always here rumors of some of the problems they have before an official confirmation. However, this couple breakup is shocking as no one saw it coming.

Incase you were living under the rock and didn't know who this couple are. Well, Jennifer Lopez is a very famous American actress, singer, and dancer. That woman does it all. And then Alex Rodriguez, a former American professional baseball star and the third baseman who played a whopping 22 seasons in Major League Baseball. Together, they are both powerhouses.

A background of their relationship together

When Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez met, they were both married to Marc Anthony and Cynthia Scurtis respectively. So in May 2005, Jennifer and her then husband attended a baseball game together at Shea Stadium in Queens, New York and this is where they both meet New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. According to Sports Illustrated in June 2019, Jennifer said, "We shook hands, and it was this weird electricity for, like, three seconds".

"We shook hands, and it was this weird electricity for, like, three seconds". - Jennifer Lopez on meeting Alex Rodriguez.

However, as I mentioned, they were both married so nothing transpired between them until...

Bumping into each other again in February 2017

As fate will have it, in February 2017, 12 years after their first initial meeting, they bump into each other in a restaurant and then Alex made the move and said, "Hey, let's go out to dinner" to which Jennifer said, "OK"

They kept hanging out together and enjoying each other's company and were once spotted together coming out of the Marea Restaurant in New York. Alex alluded to the fact that he was having a good time and couldn't stop gushing about how smart Jennifer Lopez is.

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They spend a lot of time together from red carpet events to charity events, vacations in Paris and so much more. They were really the ideal hollywood couple that always looked so great and adorable together and quickly became fan favorites. It wasn't at all shocking that in March 2019, they get engaged!

The engagement in 2019

Finally, in March 2019, Alex pops the question and he does so in grand style. He proposed while they were both vacationing in the Bahamas and with a very massive ring. Fans were elated. Her instagram post announcing the engagement got almost 150,000 comments with Jimmy Fallon jokingly announcing, "Okay, I'll be the ring bearer. Soooo happy for you guys". It was a wonderful online moment for fans and admirers of JROD.

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COVID-19 Dampens Wedding Plans

Rumor has it that the couple had planned a lavish wedding in Italy for the summer of 2020 but as we know, the pandemic brought so many plans to a halt, including theirs. They had to postpone the wedding twice and push off the dates for when they both finally tie the knot. A lot of fans of this New York couple have been waiting eagerly for news of the wedding until...

A shocking split happened

On March 12, lifestyle and culture news giant TMZ announced the split of Jennifer and Alex and as many people know, if TMZ says it then it has to be true. This came as a shock as only last month in February, the love birds were sharing their affection with everyone on social media. In this caption posted by Alex Rodriguez, he said, "Thank you for taking me into your heart and on the journey of a lifetime. I love you, today and forever." This was posted on valentines day on February 14. So I guess we can all say that a lot can happen in a month.

Regardless, I wish them both joy and happiness in their futures.

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