Black Women Social Influencers from Philadelphia to Follow This Women's Month

Jessica Ufuoma

Photo by Iamjallure

Influencer marketing is now a big industry, estimated at over one billion dollars and there is so much power that influencers hold in swaying the decisions of their audience and converting to groundbreaking sales for brands and companies. Everyone with an Instagram page seems to be pushing for a slice of the pie of influencer marketing, however, just like everything else in life, there are always going to be a few people who stand out of the pack.

Speaking of standing out of the pack, Philadelphia Black women are not left-behind. Here's a list of some Black women influencers who are absolutely killing it.

1.) Living Lesh | Instagram: @livinglesh

Lesha V, also known as Living Lesh is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Philadephia. She focuses on petite fashion and makes everything look glamorous and suited to her beautiful frame. You will always catch her doing try-on fashion videos with a lot of grace and style and she has managed to get over 100,000 loyal followers thanks to her love and passion for fashion.

Photo by Living Lesh on Instagram

2.) Vida Fashionista | IG @vidafashionista

Davida Janae is a digital creator that specializes in fashion and lifestyle videos and very recently, she's telling her story as a mom-to-be. With over 27,000 followers, she has made her name for herself in the fashion blogging world and proudly represents for Philadelphia. Her tips for remaining stylish as a pregnant mom-to-be is golden and she continues to carve her niche in this space.

Photo by Vida Fashionista on Instagram

3.) Iamjallure | IG @iamjallure

Allure's vibe is to die for. From her travel photos to her perfectly edited fashion shots, she's definitely killing the game in Philadelphia. She has recently branched out into doing amazing Instagram reels to help people (mostly creators) create fantastic online presence and uplift their brands. Besides her stunning photos, her branding tips will help creators and business owners establish their online presence.

Photo by Iamjallure

4.) Elisa | IG @EssenceofElisaa

Compared to the others on this list, Elisa's page is small and growing but that does not take away from the fact that her content is gorgeous. With the blue tones and dreamy travel and outdoor locations, her instagram feed will make you yearn for a time when its safe to go out there and see the world again. She's definitely worth checking out if you fancy travel and lifestyle content and want to support a Philadelphia blogger.

Photo by Essenceofelisaa on Instagram

5.) Tiffany | IG @stylebytiff

Another absolutely stunning blogger from Philadelphia, Tiffany's style and photos rock. She has a very minimalist aesthestic that's far from boring and is sure to reel you in. Her monochrome color, beautiful structured clothes and stylish vibe makes her one to watch and pay attention to.

Photo by Stylebytiff on Instagram

6.) Kristianna | IG @thekristiannaway

Last on this list but most certainly not least is Kristianna, a self-proclaimed Opinionated queen. She shares a lot of topics on culture, life and politics. She also does some really stunning makeup looks that will make you go, "wow". I love how she expresses herself through color and makes sure everyone who lands on her page knows one thing, "she is always going to be unapologetically herself".

Photo by Kristianna on Instagram


So those are some really fabulous women shaking up the influencer scene in Philadelphia. In honor of women's month, feel free to check them out and give them a follow. You'll surely be learning a thing or two from all the fantastic tips they have to share.

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