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Why New York City Is Overrated And Places To Move To Instead

Jessica Ufuoma

There are lots of good things about New York city, from the food, the entertainment scene, the fast pace energetic lifestyle, but even that comes with its own downsides, as too much of everything can be crippling.

Let's face it, New York is overrated and I truly believe that no peace-loving, serene-chasing person will fully enjoy living there. Especially the older that you get. There's not so much to that city other than the hype associated with it and if we all do some soul searching, we can all agree that for all that New York is, it just isn't worth it.

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Here are some reasons why New York City is overrated.

1.) It is overly crowded

Let's be honest. How can any New Yorker claim that they get the much needed fresh air that's necessary for a healthy life? Everywhere is cramped. From the streets to the subways to the museums, everywhere. Packed with germs and unneccesary bacteria. You'll wait in line for everything. From broadway to food to every single thing in New York. Do yourself a favor and go find a less crowded city to settle down in.

2.) The fast pace

Now don't get me wrong, I love a fast paced city and the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan area but New York definitely takes it up several notches that it has become uncomfortable. How is it okay to breeze through your day without taking moments to pause and savor the moment? Those opportunities do not exist in New York. It is always from one thing to another to the other. No pauses, no breaks. That's absolutely harmful for the mental well-being.

3.) The small shoe box houses

Another reason why New York is overrated. You get to live in shoe boxes and pay a ridiculous amount of money for it, just so you can say you live in New York. So imagine this; you spend your entire day on a crowded subway ride and then come back home and still not have ample space to stretch your legs. A real bummer. You pay upward of $1500 just to get a tiny 400sqft apartment and in a bid to look cool call it "minimalist". Okay, I hear you.

4.) Everyone is unfriendly

I'm sure New Yorkers are lovely people, but their environment does not allow them to express that. New Yorkers are typically not the friendliest people on the planet. And you can't blame them for that either. How can you be friendly when you're always in a rush? When you're always in crowded places? When your home is the size of a shoe box? You just can't because you're always in a state of frenzy. You deserve to be in a city where people look out for each other, there's a positive energy and you have great community, not just the people in your inner circle.

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5.) The subway stinks

We already know this one but it's worth mentioning again because it is a big issue. The New York subway stinks! It's crowded, it's full of bacteria. For people who pay a lot of taxes, this is not acceptable but of course nothing has changed and nothing will change in the near future. New York is a cesspool of germs and nobody deserves to live that way. The first step in the right direction is of course cleaning up the subway and making it habitable and fit for human beings. I mean, that's the least anyone can do.

6.) And if you're not taking the subway, traffic is crazy

We know that time is money, so why spend hours of your day in traffic that is out of your control? You're either taking the subway and experiencing delays or you're in traffic for hours trying to get somewhere and always texting your friends and business partners, "sorry I'm running late". Yes, most big cities have traffic but New York traffic is on another level.

Okay now that we've determined what's wrong with New York, where are some better places to live in? Because the truth of the matter is, you do not have to live there if you want something better for yourself and a better quality of life.

Move to Long Beach, California

Long Beach has been named the cleanest city in America, according to Forbes. There's also a lot to love about this place because its airy, breezy, there's a lot of space and of course, some beaches to calm your nerves and relax at. If cleaniness is a big factor for you, then this is a place to consider moving to. Not everyone will be able to move due to factors beyond your control, but if you've been thinking about moving out of New York, then this is your sign.

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Move to Tucson, Arizona

There's more to life than New York and there are other parts of America that are "livable", Tucson being one of them. Again, a very clean city but also very scenic with lots of things to do and explore. You'll always have adventures such as hiking, seeing a beautiful scenery and so much more, all of which are great for both your mental and physical health.

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Move to Arlington, Virginia

If you're not looking to move too far, then Arlington Virginia is a good option too. It's one of the best places to live in Virginia. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and not crowded at all. It's like staying in a smaller city but still getting the perks of a big city, with an urban feel to it. The schools are highly rated and it's just an awesome city to live in.

So there you go, some of the alternative places you can move to from New York if you're tired of that big city life and want to slow down for a bit and see what other things America has to offer. I know not everyone can make a move due to work, but if you can, take this as a sign that perhaps the time is here for something different. Change is good.

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