Why Dallas, Texas Men Are The Best People to Date

Jessica Ufuoma


There's something about a Texas man that is masculine, fierce and sexy. I believe that in the dating pool, they come out on top. Texas men have a lot of qualities that many men do not possess and while I hate to generalize, I know that this is true.

They respect women

Texas men are known for treatign their women with love, respect and adoration. I know that there's a lot of chauvinism in the United States and around the world in general, but Texas men seem to have a deep respect for women and value their contribution to society. They value the opinions of women and allow them be themselves. Well done, Texans!

They always add a little bit of humor to everything!

Humor makes the world go round and in a world where there's already a lot of stress, having someone who tells funny jokes is always welcome. Texas men don't take things too seriously and they thrive on their ability to tell great jokes and I love that.

They are strong and fit!

Every woman wants a strong man who she believes will take care of her and protect her from any dangers. Texas men are strong and fit and are always willing to help. Perhaps this is because of years of riding horses and overpowering them but they stay fit physically and are strong enough to lift their woman and protect her. We love that so much.

They are very passionate


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