How to Convert your Travel Experiences into Cash

Jessica Ufuoma

Are you an ardent traveler? Or do you wish to become one? Maybe you already travel with family and friends or you're the Chief Planning Officer (CPO) in your household. That's great! Now, if you're wondering how to turn those travel experiences into some cash in your bank account, here are some great ways to go about it.

1.) Share your travel experiences in a publication

Many publications are looking for unique writers to share their travel experiences or stories with readers. Yes, they pay you for sharing as well. The earnings you get from this can vary but it's a great way to not only reach a new audience but to turn your travel experiences into cash by writing about them. If you already love writing, this is an excellent way to make some money by sharing. Some great travel publications to write for are: Matador Network, Travel + Leisure Magazine, World Nomad and so much more. Do your research and you'll find there are so many companies who are looking for your stories.

2.) Become a travel influencer

Yeah I know, you probably rolled your eyes at this but let's be honest, it's the 20th century and influencer marketing is a thing. This is where brands reach out to influencers to market their products and pay them some commission from it. Influencers earn anywhere from $50 to $100,000 (hello, Kylie Jenner!) If you're already traveling, consider curating your travels in a way that appeals to an audience. Put your photos together and share them on Instagram. Share your thoughts and show your expertise. Gradually, you will attract a lot of people who will be interested in the same thing and as you build your niche audience, many travel brands will want to work with you.

3.) Sell your travel photos online

Took a ton of beach photos while on vacation? Or a really great aerial shot of the Taj Mahal? Perhaps it's time to sell those photos and make some money out of them. There are websites that will pay you for every download of the picture so why not put them to great use? Sites like Alamy and iStock photo will pay you for your photos. There's even a website dedicated solely to travel photos called This is worth checking out if you are a photographer or just have a knack for taking really brilliant photos of the places you visit.

4.) Host your own tours

So you already make your friends jealous when you post that "out of office, do not disturb" photo online and many of them already ask you to "put me in your suitcase next time". Well, maybe it's indeed time to take them with you and make some money from it while at it. There are so many websites that let you host your experiences and allow you monetize. Websites like wetravel or outerthere. You can host tours abroad or locally and make a side income (or even full income) doing so.

5.) Earn Cashback

Cashback, as the name implies, is a good way to earn some extra money back from your spending. You're already spending, might as well get something out of it, right? Travel can be costly and many people spend thousands of dollars on their trips. You can earn 1% to 10% of that money just by signing up to places like Rakuten. Pro-tip: Scroll to the travel and vacation tab on Rakuten and you'll see many travel companies and vendors who offer cashback. Expedia,, and many more.

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