How Push Notifications Strategies Differ From Traditional E-Marketing Strategies?

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Online marketing has progressed at a rapid speed in recent years. Since the dawn of the internet, marketing strategy has been swiftly developing, bettering themselves according to time. Push notifications and traditional e-marketing mediums may be included in these marketing strategies.

Traditional E-marketing strategies have been developing for a very long time, but compared to it, push notification strategies that were just introduced a few years ago have taken the lead.

Push notifications and traditional marketing strategies are quite different and unique in their way. Although they have the same goal, which is to engage the audience to convert them from subscribers to consumers. Yet, push alerts are considered to be more valuable than traditional E-Marketing strategies

Wondering Why?

In this article, we will go into depth about why the push notification strategy is superior to the traditional marketing strategy.

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Why Push Notification Is Superior To Traditional E-Marketing Strategy?

Traditional e-Marketing uses several methods to engage people, including mail, newspapers, radio, television, and so on. Individuals who have used them know how time-consuming they are.

While traditional E-marketing strategies can be beneficial, with the extensive use of smartphones in our culture, buyers have become addicted to a quick medium of data. And this is the reason why push notification is much superior to traditional marketing mediums.

Flutter push notifications are brief messages that appear on the audience's smartphone to enhance them to engage with the app. These are direct messages delivered by companies to boost brand recognition. Users can choose to get push notifications without disclosing any personal information.

When compared to traditional marketing strategies, these messages are delivered more quickly. Traditional media includes direct mail.

According to research, 90% of emails addressed to the target audience end up in spam. Long paragraphs are less likely to be read by the audience since traditional marketing techniques are less successful. Push notifications, with their short length and engaging email content, are winning the hearts of both enterprises and customers.

5 Reasons Why Push Notification Strategy Is Superior To Traditional E-Marketing Strategies

  1. Save Time And Budget

Push notification is one of the quickest ways to target your audience. It is easier to execute as compared to a traditional E-marketing strategy. Due to its simpler opt-in process, you can build a user base in no time. Also, users don't have to add any personal detail to receive push notifications.

Push notifications allow you to deliver unlimited free push notifications to your subscribers while maintaining all additional features.

  1. Higher Opt-Ins Than Other Strategies

Opt-in messages on the notifications tab tend to have a significant influence on conversion rates. Although this claim is most appropriate in the case of e-commerce, users are motivated to take action as soon as they get push notifications, resulting in guaranteed impressions.

Customers are given a sense of urgency when online stores or sportsbooks offer time-limited special deals. Because push alerts may be issued in real-time, customers can take advantage of these bargains before they expire.

  1. Conversion of Visitors into Subscribers

These short alerts can convert visitors into subscribers. It increases a visitor’s engagement with your website or app, and as a result, conversion rates increase. The best thing about push notifications is that they do not require users to fill in any personal details.

Once a visitor has signed up to be a subscriber, you can send them real-time alerts with fresh content, offers, discounts, and more. Since every element helps to raise engagement rates, push notifications may make consumer involvement fully seamless.

  1. Increase Customer Return Rates

Customers can be easily engaged once, but re-engaging them with your website can be more difficult. Push notifications are the correct approach. Marketers can boost return traffic on their websites using push notifications.

Customized messages with product detail as related to their past searches can be helpful to engage users to become subscribers into customers. Off course what else the audience needs, is a nice conversation that treats them like a person, not just a customer who pays money for your product.

  1. Increases Revenue

An increase in revenue is one of the best benefits that a businessman can enjoy. Push notifications encourage users to visit your website again and again, which results in increased sales and boosts your website's income in several ways.

The first comes from the increasing traffic's ad income. This is important since many of the better companies charge a fee. If this is the only method you intend to generate additional cash from these notifications, be sure the total revenue generated through advertisements exceeds the cost of the service.


So, these are the 5 reasons that showcase why using Flutter push notifications is better than using other e-commerce marketing strategies. On the other note, we would say, traditional e-marketing strategies are also effective in some ways. However, the choice always depends on your business.

Despite that, if you want a less expensive and easier-to-use push notification provider, you should always use WonderPush. Since it is one of the leading tools in the market.

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