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There are a tonne of Shopify applications available for free in the Shopify App Store, developed by many Shopify development companies. Some are excellent; others are not. The good news is that Shopify removes unreliable applications through moderation and rating from its Shopify App Store from time to time.

Similar to the iPhone, Shopify gains tremendous strength through applications. These apps come in free and paid varieties, making many websites with e-commerce features among the top Shopify stores. You can also find Shopify apps for marketing, sales, fulfillment, and design, in addition to some that enable better accounting for your Shopify online store.

Start by reading Shopify reviews if you're brand new to the platform. After doing that, you'll understand why Shopify is such a well-liked ecommerce development solution provider and why the best Shopify stores exist. The choice of apps is one of the primary factors that make it the best Shopify store ever.

To use in your new Shopify online store, we've reviewed and selected 15 of the best free Shopify apps from top Shopify stores. Therefore, it has no trouble keeping the price low while maintaining excellent features.

Discover more about the top 12 free Shopify applications by reading on!

1. Print:

For several reasons, Printful is among our top free Shopify applications. First, Printful gives entrepreneurs one of the simplest methods for creating the ideal Shopify site for selling unique items. Print is for you if you want an on-demand print shop.

You may sell anything with this app, including personalized mugs, t-shirts, pet supplies, and more. Additionally, this software is among the top Shopify applications since Printful receives orders placed on your Shopify site automatically. Once everything is printed, the Printful staff will email it to your audience.

This print-on-demand design option is ideal if you want a Shopify store but want to avoid bothering with product inventory or delivery. Get going without cost! You only need to cover the price and shipping costs of the items you wish to sell.

2. Free HubSpot CRM powered by HubSpot:

Utilize the HubSpot CRM to manage, follow up on, and nurture your prospects and customers. The best thing is that it will always be completely free. Your online store's data is synced with HubSpot using the HubSpot Shopify app, which is then used to customize and automate your marketing efforts.

Using HubSpot, you can boost your sales and marketing strategies by emailing website visitors who leave products in their shopping carts to persuade them to complete their purchases. All client interactions are tracked by HubSpot CRM, which also automatically records all pertinent information in a timeline. This enables you to tailor your approach when contacting prospects.

3. Oberlo - By Oberlo From $0.00/month:

The majority of Oberlo's features are free. You may upgrade, though, to acquire more features.

Any shopify development company which is interested in dropshipping needs the Oberlo app. The free Shopify software connects to AliExpress, invites you to choose items, and then moves those items instantly to your online store. Although you may alter a product's product specifications, the provider is generally in charge of the process.

Oberlo is now available on Shopify as a platform-integrated app.

For instance, the supplier is given complete control over the fulfillment process after a sale is completed. You only need to focus on SEO and marketing.

4. Spocket:

The Sprocket app is a kind of dropshipping marketplace that is straightforward, user-friendly, quick, and packed with continuously updated options. Because of Sprocket, he has access to tens of thousands of items from more than 20,000 vendors worldwide.

With built-in order fulfillment, real-time order tracking, flat-rate shipping, and other features, business owners may use this software to offer one-click purchase choices to their clients. You can also sell new goods to increase the value of your standard order. If you have problems using Sprocket, our devoted support staff can assist you in making the most of your plan. Up to 25 items in the Pocket app are free!

5. Privy:

Privy enables email popups and exit intent popups. Both are crucial for increasing conversions and obtaining clients' email addresses. Popups, bars, and banners are just a few components you may use.

The good news is that free promos are endless, and you can access a few additional features with subscription plans starting at $24 a month.

6. Yotpo:

One of the finest applications for increasing sales and improving conversion rates is Yotpo since it enables you to produce and display more product reviews. By building, you may draw in more clients.

With the help of this software, you can quickly ask for customer feedback and show those reviews in the tabs and widgets of your business.

Additionally, you can control the ratings you get and use the Yotpo app to drive more people to your website through social media.

Basic usage of Yotpo is free; however, you must pay if you want extra features like rich snippets and user-generated images.

7. Free product reviews from Shopify:

Customers may easily evaluate your items thanks to Shopify'sShopify's product review app. You can also approve before posting. Admin is easy to use and understand. Functions as intended. Earlier, this application was known as "Grapevine Reviews."

8. The Booster App for SEO Image Optimization:

This Shopify app is free and has features to help you with SEO.

It operates by utilizing the sales generated by Google image searches. This is a major advantage because many retailers must know that customers use Google Images to search for and locate things. All photos are promptly fetched and accurately tagged with alt-image tags by the SEO Optimizer Shopify app. It would be best if you then observed an increase in conversions.

9. Email marketing with Omnisend:

This is one of the most used email marketing applications on your Shopify store. Additionally, it provides push alerts, SMS, and IM alternatives for client retention. Easily integrate with your Shopify store. Additionally, moving away from MailChimp is simple. Generally speaking, the platform provides pre-built workflows to assist you in automating your marketing activities. Additionally, the app offers several ways to entice users to join your mailing list. Installing the app is free, but depending on how many users you have, you might need to select a payment plan

10. Order printers from Shopify:

You should print packing slips, invoices, and receipts. You don't have to pay in such a situation. This free Shopify app provides customized templates with Shopify Shipping, USPS, and other services.

11. Shopify's free Messenger app:

It might not be easy to offer several customer care channels. Messenger applications make it much simpler by enabling you to connect with your consumers on Facebook, where they spend most of their time.

You may send them pre-written letters that will direct them through the purchasing process while providing links to the relevant products and shipping details in your reply.

12. PWAs with Amplify Me:

This software has several features that can keep clients in your shop. It aids in creating online applications that users may download and install on their home screens. This makes it simple for customers to access your business and locate the necessary goods.

Additionally, it offers excellent analytics that gives useful information on customer happiness and installs numbers. This programme generally helps your website load faster and raises its search engine ranks. The software has a free and a premium version with more sophisticated custom options.


The greatest free Shopify applications to download and install on your Shopify store are highlighted in this post. If you're a Shopify development company, we hope. The majority of these applications are quite good and useful for your Shopify development company when beginning to use Shopify.

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