5 astounding employee engagement apps to try in 2021

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“Employee engagement is a catalyst for success and sustainability that cannot be ignored.” - Irene Becker

Employee engagement is the axis, the success of a business revolves around. Disengaged employees have a negligible emotional connection with your organization. They are indifferent about your company’s growth and success. Whereas, engaged employees have a strong emotional inclination towards your company. The reputation of your company, its growth and overall health, all matter to them as much as they matter to you. They devote themselves to the growth and flourishment of your company.

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From all these things, it is clear that an engaged workforce is beneficial for your company. But, according to Gallup, nearly 85% of employees across the world aren’t engaged. This makes it imperative for you to question if your workforce is engaged? You can get to know the answer by measuring employee engagement in your company. Whether the answer comes out to be a yes or a no, in any case, implementing employee engagement strategies is the best thing to do. The persistent implementation of employee engagement strategies can help enhance employee engagement. Moreover, it can also convert a disengaged workforce into an engaged one.

Further, when it comes to employee engagement strategies, it is best to use a blend of traditional and novel approaches. Using employee engagement apps is one of the best novel approaches that you can take advantage of today. The mobile app world has significantly changed in 2021 because of the pandemic. The changing marketplace is now focusing on mobile apps that can allow you to work, study, have fun and do all that you want from the comforts of your home. If your company is planning to shift to permanent remote work, employee engagement apps can especially be beneficial. However, these apps are great to use for both in-office and remote workforce.

5 astounding employee engagement apps to try in 2021

  1. Engagement Multiplier:

Engagement multiplier is a data-driven app. It measures your company’s current engagement level and then takes it ahead from thereon. It is best suited for small and medium-sized business organizations. You can use the engagement tools offered by engagement multiplier to access where you are, plan the next steps and get the desired results. The following are some amazing features offered by engagement multiplier:

  • Benchmark Assessments:

The Benchmark Assessment shows you where you are at. These assessments take only 10 minutes to complete. Once you know where you are, it offers smart actions to guide you to the position where you want to be. Further, it’s an easy and repeatable framework wherein your progress gets tracked over a repeatable period of 90 days. This helps you take focused and consistent actions for employee engagement.

  • Recommended Actions:

This feature offers detailed guides for enhancing employee engagement. It tells you how to communicate with employees and collaborate with everyone in the best way. It also offers key actions for engagement customized to your company's needs

  • Scores and Reporting:

This feature helps you see the employee engagement scores in different departments. You can analyze the different parameters that lead to high and low employee engagement scores in respective departments. Along with this, you can also see trends and metrics on how business developments impact engagement.

  • Feedback and Text Analysis:

This feature helps you derive honest employee feedback in different ways. You can gauge different topics by frequency as well as contextual importance. Moreover, advanced natural language processing helps bring critical issues to light.

  • Anonymous communication:

This feature allows you to get clarity on what your workers have mentioned with secure follow up. Moreover, you can also receive anonymous 1:1 suggestions from your workforce. Access to honest information can work wonders for your company.

  • Customer Surveys:

You can gather feedback from your employees on any topic at any time. You can send the surveys to the entire workforce or to customer groups as small as three.

  • Support from Specialists:

You can get support from employee engagement specialists at any time. They can help you understand the benchmark assessments better and beacon you to use the app in the best way possible.

2. Glint:

The Glint app is primarily designed for data collection and analysis. It can help you conduct regular anonymous surveys that gather valuable data on employee engagement. Once the data gets collected, a heatmap gets generated and tells you about the overall health of your organization. Further, the app enables you to measure employee sentiments in real-time, which can tell you a lot about your company’s engagement levels. You can also measure manager and team effectiveness, inclusion and diversity and employee lifecycle with this amazing employee engagement app. The following are some features offered by Glint to its clients:

  • Interactive dashboards:

Glint uses interactive dashboards to highlight the health of your entire organization. You can use these interactive dashboards to go as deep into the required data as you want.

  • Industry leading analytics:

Glint uses industry leading analytics to help you get valuable insights from the data gathered. Heat map, driver impact, KPI linkage, cross-program and executive reports can help you derive key insights, problem areas and take suitable actions to support your team.

  • Early warning system:

It is always better to take the right steps to retain employees who are at a high risk of leaving rather than hiring new employees. There are significant costs associated with high employee turnover which make it imperative for you to improve employee retention. Glint’s early warning system can help you with the same. It can generate real-time alerts for employees who are at high risk of leaving your company, decreased performance and other things. Once you are aware of such things, you can take suitable actions for improvement.

  • Advanced natural language processing with Glint’s Narrative Intelligence:

The people at Glint take pride in offering their clients the most advanced natural language processing. It helps in synthesizing open-ended feedback and isolating employee comments so that you can get valuable insights without spending a lot of time.

  • Curated learning programs for managers:

One of the best features of the Glint app is that it offers curated learning programs for managers. As managers can have a huge impact on employee engagement in your company, it is imperative to train well. Glint provides each manager with a recommended focus area, curated learning content including LinkedIn videos and incremental steps that can be converted into sustainable habits for long-term success.

3. Inpulse:

Employee emotions play an important role in determining the extent of their involvement in your organization. Inpulse is an employee engagement app that is specially designed to help you get insights into the emotions of your workforce. Along with this, you can also track the root causes of those emotions with the help of smart survey questions. You can customize the survey questions according to your needs and gradually take your workforce towards high levels of engagement. Given below are some great features offered by this amazing employee engagement app:

  • Surveys:

Inpulse helps you create customized surveys that are suitable to your needs. The company boasts of its careful and collaborative approach that involves you at each step of the path towards enhancing employee engagement in your organization. Along with this, the specialists at Inpulse put dedicated time and effort into training you to use the platform effectively. They teach you to create and select appropriate survey questions, analyze and interpret the data and reports properly.

  • AI-driven analysis:

The app uses Artificial Intelligence to help you conduct detailed analysis of your organization and derive valuable insights.

  • Downloadable insights:

Once you have the required insights with you, you can easily download and print them to share with your employee engagement team.

  • Powerful, visual dashboards:

The app provides visually attractive dashboards that are appealing to your eyes. This makes it easier for you to interpret data.

  • Professionally curated survey question library:

Inpulse provides a professionally curated survey question library from where you can select appropriate questions for different surveys. When you just have to select appropriate questions your work becomes a lot easier.

4. Officevibe:

Office vibe is the perfect employee engagement app to choose if you want to conduct surveys that take your employees around two minutes to complete. The surveys are so designed that they can provide you with valuable insights in just two minutes. The app focuses on addressing the needs of HR professionals, team managers and team members. It gives you access to 120 survey questions covering 10 key metrics and 26 sub-metrics. Further, you can deploy surveys through multiple platforms such as email, slack and SMS. The following features will help you know more about this employee engagement app:

  • Pulse surveys:

Officevibe conducts weekly two minute surveys that are quick and easy for your employees to complete. The app ensures that the questions are such that they can derive valuable insights within just two minutes.

  • Anonymous feedback:

Honest communication from the employees’ end is important when it comes to enhancing employee engagement. If they do not speak up about the issues that stop them from delivering their best, it won’t be possible to resolve the issues at the core. So, officevibe offers anonymous communication channels where honest communication can happen between you and your employees. The best part is that the feedback doesn’t happen in the form of a questionnaire. It happens as a chat that helps you go with the flow and derive valuable insights about the issues that are bothering your employees.

  • Employee survey reports:

You can get aggregated data on survey results in an easy-to-read format. You can clearly comprehend where your team stands according to 10 key metrics and 26 sub-metrics. Moreover, you can also get granular insights about the survey questions. You can also compare the current scores with those from the past month. This helps you see where you are going, which things are working and which aren’t.

  • Proper use of employee engagement metrics:

As discussed above, the app uses 10 key metrics and 26 sub-metrics to help you understand the extent of employee engagement properly. The insights derived from these metrics can help you bring a huge positive change in your company.

  • Actionable insights:

Once the data gets collected, officevibe provides you with Actionable insights and beacons you on the path of taking the right actions to improve employee engagement.

5. Peakon:

Peakon is an employee engagement app, known for its interactive and captivating user interface. The designers of the app knew that an interactive user interface can significantly increase participation in surveys. That’s why they chose to design a captivating user interface. Further, one of the best things about the app is that it is committed to accessibility and inclusion including blind and partially sighted. The providers also take pride in personalizing the app according to your company’s individual needs. Given below are some features of Peakon that will help you know more about this amazing app:

  • Peakon Include:

Peakon Include is dedicated to helping you improve your organization’s approach towards Diversity and Inclusion. It helps you identify individual cases of discrimination that can negatively impact employee engagement, retention and morale.

  • Peakon Engage:

Peakon engage helps you conduct two-way surveys with its amazing listening technology. This way, you get to know the deeper truths about employee engagement that help you improve the overall employee lifecycle in your company.

  • Attractive surveys:

Peakon offers attractive surveys to help you derive data-driven insights about the extent of employee engagement in your organization. The user interface of this app is so attractive that your employees want to take the survey. As a result, there is a significant increase in survey participation.

  • Detailed insights and guide to suitable actions:

The survey data gets expressed in the form of detailed insights that guide you to take suitable actions. This means that you don’t have to do the mammoth task of analyzing the data on your own, Peakon will help you get the desired insights.

Employee engagement is a basic requirement for your company’s success in today’s competitive world. Engaged employees are emotionally involved in your company. They are as interested in your company’s growth as they are in theirs. But, the sad part is that most employees across the globe aren’t engaged. This calls upon you to take actions for enhancing employee engagement in your company. Using employee engagement apps can be a great initiative in this direction. Today, there are different employee engagement apps available such as the ones mentioned above for you to choose from. You can select the ones that appeal to you the most. Wish you All the Best.

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