Five design ideas for motivating workplace for employees

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Employee motivation is one area that draws constant attention from business leaders. Companies do understand the fact that motivation has a direct correlation with employee engagement. Further, the motivation of the workforce is critical to the performance and success of an organization. Given that, business leaders and HR managers are always on the lookout for new strategies to keep the motivation going.

Speaking of the factors that drive motivation, there is a wide spectrum of them. Various external and internal factors drive high motivation and employee engagement. Among the external factors, the workplace environment and the physical office space are crucial. Besides, now businesses are returning to the new normal and employees are back at the office. After months of remote working from their homes, they will return to physical workplaces. They may face adaptability issues to begin with. Also, returning to the office after a long time, they may not have the same motivation.

Having said that, companies should mull reinvention of their workplaces. Companies can win employee motivation by designing inspiring workplaces. The world has come a long way, and office designs can be as innovative as one wants them to be. The best thing about working at Google, Youtube, or Apple is that they have the most innovative office designs. The aura and appeal of these workplaces are so overwhelming that they drive persistent motivation. In fact, as per an article, appealing workplaces trigger happiness among 33 percent of employees. Not to mention, happy employees are motivated and productive.

In this blog, we shed light on some of the most amazing design ideas to create an inspiring workplace. The following design ideas can be incorporated into offices with immediate effect. Let us delve deeper to know more.
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Five ideas for designing an inspiring workplace

Creating an infrastructure to unplug

A majority of employees struggle to unplug after work or during breaks. This is a major contributing factor to stress in employees. Because employees do not get the chance to unplug, they tend to witness a burnout situation. They feel drained, exhausted and in the ultimate sense, they begin to disengage from work. As per the American Institute of Stress, as many as 40 percent of employees report extreme stress. Stress, as we know, is a major killer of motivation and zeal in individuals.

From a designing point of view, it is imperative to create a workplace that has room for unplugging and rejuvenation. There should be play arenas, at least some sort of entertainment facilities, and a space to relax or meditate. This area should be away from the busiest areas of the office and far from the hustle-bustle. This will give employees the perfect opportunity to revitalize their spirits and regain their motivation. To stay motivated, it is vital that employees get a conduit to manage their stress. They need to be in the right frame of mind to stay motivated and productive. Hence, they deserve a vibrant, full of life and refreshing space in the office premises. The fact that the workplace addresses their stress issues will attract even higher levels of motivation. It is an essential part of creating a productive system in the workplace.

Blending nature into the workplace

Nature has a pure connection with soulfulness, mindfulness, and productivity. One of the easiest adjustments one can do in the office to make it more motivating is to make room for nature. Designing the workplace in such a way that there is enough natural light and greenery around can work wonders. A study by the University of Technology, Sydney, cites that indoor plants can bring up to a 30 percent drop in stress and fatigue. To add, the University of Exeter states that houseplants can increase productivity by 15 percent.

The list of benefits of having nature come into the office is long. Indoor plants promote higher productivity, make the workplace more appealing to employees and enhance moods. All these are significant contributing factors to motivation, employee experience and high employee engagement. Similarly, natural light in the workplace has its own share of merits. There are studies validating the fact that natural light can improve moods, augment productivity and enhance motivation. Given that, offices should be designed in a way that there is enough room for ventilation and natural light to come in. All workstations should have fair access to natural light.

Decorating the walls with quotes

Loading the workplace with charming, witty, and motivational quotes is yet another great idea. There exists a never-ending number of quotes and inspirational sayings on goals, ambitions, motivation, and success. When such inspirational quotes are constantly in sight, employees can manage their motivation better. These quotes, success stories, and life lessons can be framed and add grace to the office walls. They can become an incessant source of motivation for employees.

These quotes or sayings come from the top CEOs, political personalities, Hollywood celebrities, or movie dialogues. There more diverse these quotes are, the better they will be for the employees. Because then there would be something or the other for employees of all tastes. For some, their role model is a CEO like Tim Cook or Elon Musk. On the other hand, someone else may have a role model in Barack Obama or Angela Markel. So, the walls should have something on offer for everyone. Employees will love to be in such a conducive environment. Walking through the aisle right in the morning with motivation quotes around will give a bright start to their day.

Choosing bright color schemes

Color schemes have a correlation with the energy that people feel gushing through them. Having said that, keeping a color scheme in mind while designing the workplace can be a great idea. The color scheme of the workplace can be such that it has an intrinsic relationship with motivation. To substantiate, it is believed that bright colors help people refresh and make them feel energized. Similarly, colors with high pigments like royal blue, turquoise, and emerald green can have positive impacts on motivational levels. An integration of this color psychology in the workplace can hence create a stellar and appealing workplace.

Different color schemes have different effects on people. While some colors like white and beige have a calming effect, the reds, yellows, and other bright colors have an energizing effect. So, one can choose colors accordingly for different sections of the workplace. For instance, the area for relaxation can have a beige tone, and work areas can have brighter shades.

Designing diverse workstations

Diversity should not be a virtue limited to the workforce. Since diversity is a celebrated idea in the workplace, it should also reflect in workstations. The design should be such that there should be a variety of workstations in the workplace. These can include cubicles, multi-purpose conference rooms, lounges, and other workstations. To cite an example, if someone is working overtime, they can leave their cubicle and shift to the lounge, which has comfortable couches. This way, an employee who is staying late in the office for work can find more comfort and motivation would not suffer.

For the creative teams, a creative and zestful work area would be ideal. In contrast, the research team would want a more silent and resourceful work area. In this way, the diversification of workstations or work areas can be carried out. Since the working environment has a major impact on the motivation of employees, it will be a great idea. It will offer employees a working environment that is customized for their efficiency and comfort.

To conclude, workplaces are evolving every day and as per the latest trends. The most vibrant workplaces are those that are influenced by the ideas of employee wellness and motivation. The prowess of employee motivation is a well-known fact in corporate circles. Motivation is the foundation of high employee engagement and productivity. In fact, organizations with high levels of engagement show greater profitability. Hence, the internal as well as external influences on motivation should be given equal priority. As for the external part, designing an ideal workplace that is conducive is worth the investment.

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