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No comment from the candidate for Governor about racist remarks at the CCW event

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It's been a week since the 8 New Now I-team informed the public about the racist remarks made at a conservative political event. Most of the attendees were big names in politics, leaving people with many unanswered questions. And yet these figures still haven't made any comment about their controversial appearance.

On Saturday, April 10, an event titled “Vegas CCW” was held at Las Vegas County Library. Many republican political candidates were photographed attending the event. The most notable of the attendees was John Lee, one of the candidates for governor, along with Assemblyman Tom Roberts who is running for Clark County Sheriff.

Instructor Nephi Khaliki showed slides titled, "Firearm Safety For White People," and then another for black people at the Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) event.

The slides for white people had instructions like, "Always keep your finger out of your nose while shooting. Make sure there are no minorities nearby. And always wear a wife beater on the range.”

Then the one for black people had pointers like, "Always keep the gun straight. Always lick the chicken fingers off your fingers before shooting. Make sure there's a white person so you can blame everything on him when things go bad in your life. And make sure you aim for small kids, so you end up hitting an actual gang member.”

Assemblyman Roberts was quick to speak against these questionable slides. In response to the I-team, Roberts clarified that he was present at the event, but he skipped out on the slideshow portion.

He said that he does not condone the graphics used during the presentations. He has always strived to build a community that's inclusive for all throughout his career, which is why he believes this kind of language has no place in Nevada.

On the other hand, Lee was less generous with his words or lack thereof. He has been performing his duties as the mayor of North Las Vegas since 2013. Yet, when the I-team reached out, he did not respond. Instead, one of his spokespeople referred them to his campaign, but they didn’t say anything either.

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