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10 reasons why your next stop should be Miami, Florida

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Miami is internationally known for lavish lifestyles, beautiful beaches, decadent nightclubs, and enormous shopping malls. Having been endowed with a warm climate, Miami attracts a crowd all year round. Sitting on the Atlantic Ocean contributes to the temperate weather and adds an ever-present beauty. If you are looking for a place to spend the weekend, a holiday, or even a honeymoon, Miami is the great place to choose. Here are ten great reasons to choose Miami.

1. Little Havana

Have you wanted to go to Cuba? Don't worry, Miami has the same experience with visiting Cuba. Little Havana offers a wide range of cultural heritage, music, and Cuban food, bringing all wanted Cuban experiences in a small package. The primary attraction of Little Havana is mainly in the street called Ocho. On one side of the street, you'll solely hear Spanish spoken, while the stores on each side of the street all offer Cuban favorites. The Tower Theatre, an Art Deco cinema house, has shown movies dubbed in Spanish on the street ever since it was built. You could also stop into Azucar Ice Cream Company, specializing in the most Cuban-inspired sweet delicacies, such as guava sorbet.

2. Miami Beach Board Walk

It is safe to say that a superb method to go along the Miami Beach coastline is on the Miami Beach Boardwalk. The body of water known as Biscayne Bay extends for three miles and is never far from the Florida coast and the region's finest beaches. The beginning of the Miami Beach Boardwalk starts in Indian Beach Park in Mid-Beach Miami, and the Boardwalk extends south to South Beach. Where the Boardwalk ends, it gradually changes into a paved path; despite this, it never ceases to be a bustling, exciting and picturesque area. So, first thing in the morning, go to that location to avoid the heat and get in some morning exercise by joining the thousands of runners and bikers who do the same thing every day.

3. Wynwood Walls

A fan of great art? Enthusiastic about having a masterpiece to learn and internalize the great mastery of street artwork? Then the famous Wynwood Walls are a must-go destination. Wynwood is a place likened to visiting an art museum with one of the most incredible street art displays. In addition, some former warehouses converted into areas of art—an actual example of improvisation at its best.

4. Art Deco District

During the early years of the initial rise of Miami into the current buzzing town, a variety of architectural-related Deco's rose. Given the area's already well-known historical significance, existing buildings are safeguarded and conserved, and a number of the interiors display the properties' long history.

Art Deco has an incredible 800+ specimens of its style found in only South Beach; without a doubt, it is the most excellent area to wander around for an Art Deco tour. Guided tours are offered, but you may also choose to explore the site when searching for scenic icons like the Plymouth or the McAlpin. To give you a little more information, you may find the Bass Museum, which is home to a fantastic collection of early 20th century works and a stunning Art Deco facade.

5. Ocean Drive

The A1A, a critical route that cuts across southern Florida, connects several places in the region. It is called Ocean Drive in Miami, where it travels through Miami and Collins Avenue towards Miami Beach, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Make sure you're prepared for the fact that there will be thousands of people wearing their swimsuits, with several alternatives for nightlife around, as well as sandy beaches and lots of roller skating on the paved sidewalk right next to the road. Walking along Ocean Drive is like walking through a forest because of all the trees along the street. In addition, there is enough shade for tourists; visitors can stroll back and forth without worrying about the heat.

6. Zoo Miami

This facility is considered to be the largest zoo within the state of Florida. It is also known as the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens and is approved by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The zoo was set up first in 1948 in another area before it was relocated to the Southwest of the city under Miami Metro Zoo's name. Excluding Hawaii, the zoo is also described as the only tropical zoo in the country. It features several exhibits and animals. For its branding and marketing reasons, and coinciding with it the celebration of its 30th anniversary, in 2010, the facility changed its name to the current Miami-Dade Zoological Parks and Gardens. The zoo has five significant exhibits and a monorail system that provides incredible views of the facility while also enabling easy movement within it. However, it has been hit and damaged severally by hurricanes which also led to the death of the animals.

7. Espanola Way

This fascinating location spans the area between Pennsylvania and Washington avenues. It is two block corridor right in the middle of South Beach. It was initially an idea by N.B.T. Roney in 1925, who envisioned an area heavily influenced by some European destinations. The site, mainly accessible by pedestrians, contains art galleries, restaurants, shops, and boutiques. Travelers and tourists are offered an incredible chance to enjoy different cuisines such as Italian, Cuban and Spanish. They can also visit the many shops that are available in the area.

8. Jungle Island

This area is an eco-park that offers a unique adventure experience. It is located in Watson between the South Beach and downtown areas of the city. The park opened in 2003 and was initially known as the Parrot Jungle Island. It had also been relocated from Pinecrest to its present location. It was later renamed Jungle Island in 2007 and hosted a variety of animals, especially parrots. The park also features watersheds and several other attractions. Unfortunately, it also suffers damages from hurricanes that require renovations. Nevertheless, visitors into the park are offered unique experiences such as petting and feeding the animals and participating in presentations and talks. It also participates in the Green movement to protect the environment by hosting several environmental events and conferences.

9. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

A native couple from the city, Phillip and Patricia Frost, donated a sizable amount of money to facilitate a new science museum construction. Upon its completion and opening in 2017, the Miami Science Museum changed its name to Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. The museum consists of an aquarium, a science museum, and a planetarium. It is located in the Museum Park in the downtown area of the city. However, it was initially constructed by the Miami-Dade County at Coconut Grove under its previous name.

10. Haulover Beach

This location is a metropolitan park run by the department in charge of parks, recreation, and open spaces for Miami-Dade County. It is found north of the Bal Harbor, in the city metropolitan area, on a shoal in the middle of the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic ocean. The beach property that contains the site was procured in 1940 by a commission for the Miami-Dade County. It was given its present name in 1947 and opened to the public the following year. The upper 600 meters of its extensive shoreline is a naturist beach known and approved by the county authorities. This public naturist beach is the largest in the U.S.

In Conclusion

The city of Miami is a popular destination for people from within the U.S. and from abroad. Its fame and popularity are mainly due to its tourist attraction sites and excellent climate. This list offers some of these unique sites to those interested in touring and finding out more about Miami.

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