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Top 10 reasons to visit Washington, DC

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Looking for a weekend off to weigh that work pressure down? Washington, DC can offer you a memorable weekend getaway! With friendly sites to enjoy, they're great for any traveler from the solo adventurer to a large family.

Arguably one of the most important cities globally, Washington, DC surely packs a punch in the entertainment sector. It is a great place to experience firsthand American history and the current political spectrum. A variety of museums offer extensive history unveiling how the Unitied States came to be. The public transportation sector boasts one of the best subway systems in America, ensuring you get around with ease. Below are some of the "to die for "destinations.

1. Lincoln Memorial

Are you an aspiring art enthusiast? Do you love seeing historical representations in art? Then the Abraham Lincoln Memorial statue will please you. Lincoln is one of the co-founders of the United States. Unfortunately, the 16thpresident of the united states was assassinated while attending a theatre performance. The artistic piece comprises a man is Lincoln seated on a chair. The artistic style of the chair is of a Greek-style. The statue's initial inception was in 1922, with his last son Robert Todd being in attendance. The memorial is open to the public full time having park rangers on patrol during the daytime to ensure security.

2. Washington Monument

Probably seen this in some of the movies produced in the United States. A treasure to American history and art lovers. Arguably a very famous or even the most famous obelisk on the planet. Erect as a monument in appreciation of the American military success of George Washington in the revolutionary war. Unlike most of the destinations, this monument is visible from any point in Washington. One hundred seventy meters high, the monument is the largest structure in the area. However, access to it was cut off in 2011 after a devastating earthquake that caused some damage.

3. Capital of United States

Have you been asking yourself where does congress meets? Then look no further. The building holding all of these political functions is located in Washington. Holding the house of representatives and senate meetings, the building is open to the public when the sessions are in progress. The building possesses a historical reverence, having been built during the revolutionary war. The first time it was opened for governmental meetings was back in 1800.

4. The White House

Arguably one of the major attractions to Washington D.C. The White House is one of the most important symbols in the United States. Having more than one purpose, one being housing the United States president and his family, having the purpose of acting as the place where the president delegates most of his meetings with foreign nation leaders—initially selected by President Washington. However, he was not lucky to be the first to live in it. Having a twisted past, it was once burnt by British soldiers during a war back in 1812 and later renovated. Although planning to travel here needs one to have booked a self-guided tour before visiting.

5. National Mall

For this site, one has to stroll away from the better part of Washington and head downtown. Having a serene surrounding, the National Mall has some green stretches that offer a diverse nature experience. Within its vicinity, there are a couple of destinations that one will love. Talk about killing birds with one stone; National Mall is near the Vietnam Veterans memorial ground. One of the areas giving tribute to the soldiers who died in the Vietnam war. To add to the list, the Smithsonian museums are ready for enthusiastic history and art lovers.

6. Washington National Cathedral

Fascinated by religious history and an enthusiastic Christian or theology lover? Then Saint Peter Cathedral is one place to visit. Although the state does not recognize itself with any church-related issues, one does not feel that if the state recognized churches, this would be the national cathedral. To add to the fascination, the Washington Cathedral is the sixth-largest cathedral in the world. The actual building structure posses a neo-gothic structure that is quite pleasing to the eyes. Church services at the cathedral are not charged as usual, but one has to pay for a tour.

7. Library of Congress

Proudly carrying the world's largest library tag, surely that should be convincing enough to make it a unique destination. Initially founded in 1800, the building has had a rather benign beginning. Currently boasting over 158 million items that consist of 36 million books in a diverse 460 languages and over sixty million manuscripts. Although the library is open to people, one is advised to look online for the information one will look for to avoid wasting time in the library or even getting lost in the vast amount of information available.

8. Georgetown Neighborhood

Before Washington was even established as a political stronghold of the United States government, Georgetown district existed. The initial date the district was incepted as part of the Washington capital was 1871. Currently, Georgetown is one of the friendliest areas harboring a serene environment for families. The place is filled with top universities and has one of the oldest buildings in the northwest area of Washington. The area even boasts having Thomas Jefferson, a former vice president, as his home area.

9. National Air and Museum

Interested in the thought of UFO and Aliens? Are you an alien enthusiast and interested in learning about space travel? National Air and Space Museum is the place to be. Having a variety of activities spanning all age groups, all visitors to this haven are all included. Having all historical information and data concerning all space travels conducted by the United States, surely this is the place to be.

10. Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Dedicated to United State's third president, the memorial ground mainly incorporates his thoughts and an exceptional feat of architectural marvel. Having an architectural style likened to the Lincoln memorial. The memorial constitutes a Jefferson statue that looks out towards the statehouse. The memorial is a symbolic sign of the United States' former president and holds the yearly Cherry Blossom Festival.

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