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Four great places to watch independent films in Los Angeles

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Independent (indie) films are produced independently, beyond the big film studios and their systems. They can be easily distinguished from standard films due to their style and content. Indie films are generally more artistic and reflect the personal visions of the filmmaker. They also tend to be created with lower financial budgets than the typical blockbuster studio film. The marketing is limited, and the place to watch them is at an independent film theatre.

Premiering an indie film in a theater is also a common way smaller film companies get the word out before distributing them at film festivals like Sundance and Toronto International Film Festivals. Los Angeles is the film capital of America, and indie films are no exception. Here are four great places where people can watch independent films in the city.

1. Nuart Theatre

This particular theatre is credited for its showcasing of a wide variety of indie films. Nuart Theatre is located in the city's Santa Monica Boulevard, just west of the 405 freeway. Among the facility's unique attributes is its exclusive presentation of a single film several times on a particular day and in a run of seven days. The theatre is considered to be an essential establishment for the Landmark Theatre chain in the U.S. The Landmark Theatre is the most prominent film theatre chain specializing and dedicated to the marketing and representation of indie films. It was constructed and opened in 1929 and 1930, respectively. It was later bought by Landmark Theatres in 1974 and was among the company's first theatres. Its current seating capacity is considered to be 303 people, although it used to host 660. The movie theatre has been featured in movies and has limited parking available.

2. New Beverly Cinema

This movie theatre is considered historic and is located in Beverly Boulevard, in Los Angeles. The building that houses the cinema dates previously to the 1920s and is among the oldest houses from the revival period. Since the year 2007, this historic theatre is owned by the famous filmmaker known as Quentin Tarantino. New Beverly Cinema has a seating capacity of 300 people. The building opened in 1929 and has had its purpose and name transformed many times. However, in the late 1950s, the new owners changed the space it occupies today into a movie theatre. It has also experienced various changes in its name and use for many years. This famous theatre introduced the double feature format in its showcasing of films that continue to date. The double-feature refers to a technique used in the movie industry where theatre companies show two films and all for the price. This method replaced a theatre format used in the earlier years, which involved showing a feature film while also including a short film and a newsreel. In 2002, the film house became a permanent host for the Grindhouse Film Festival, a monthly event. After its owner Sherman Torgan, Quentin Tarantino, the famous filmmaker, purchased the whole building that housed the theatre to prevent it from being redeveloped. This occurrence, in turn, made him the landlord for the theatre. However, Tarantino allowed the Torgan family to run the theatre's operations while introducing some of his suggestions. New Beverly Cinema provides ample parking and is considered to be among the most convenient places people get to watch films presented in the 35-millimeter format. It has also been featured in movies and other activities in the industry.

3. Vista Theatre

This historic place is located in Los Feliz and just off the Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles city. The movie theatre features a single screen, and the original owners opened it in 1923. It was initially referred to as the Lou Bard Playhouse upon its opening. Renovations that the owners carried out afterward, including those intended to increase room for people's legs, led to its current seating capacity of 400 people. Vista theatre is among the few remaining structures from the 1920s that are considered historic because it was in that period that Hollywood was being built up. It is also a prominent local landmark that appears in movies. Currently, it is considered a first-run theatre due to its screening of new films. The Vintage Cinemas company operates vista theatre. It is even popular among celebrities who attend some of its screenings.

Moreover, its simplex projection system of 35 millimeters attracts many people and clubs. Some of them manage to rent the theatre for some of their activities. This historic theatre is approaching its one-hundredth anniversary soon.

4. ArcLight Hollywood

This cinema is located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. It has 15 large screens that feature stadium settings. These screens carry with them certifications that proof of their quality picture presentation and optimal sounds. The theatre opened in 2002 as the first in the ArcLight chain. The cinema is also considered the company's flagship theatre. It is considered a subsidiary of The Decurion Corporation. However, the whole operation shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Its ticket service for each of its film presentations included assigned seating arrangements that appeal to some people. The theatre also possesses and runs its parking facilities.

In Conclusion

Los Angeles is among the most vibrant cities in the U.S.A., particularly for the movie lovers out there! Its theatres provide some of the most epic and unforgettable travel experiences. Grab some popcorn and enjoy an indie movie today!

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